Gas price rant


Just filled up for the second time this week...$100+....what a crock of %$#@&! I'm done, fed up, tapped out....when I get home the race car gets pushed out of the garage and tarped behind the pole barn. The only place I drive from now on is to work and the grociery store. I will not be spending money at the track, we will not be camping or trolling and spending that money eather....I REFUSE to add money to an econemy/community/people who allow these big oil/govt to gouge and steal. Maybe if more people get fed up like me, this country will get the jist and grow a brain....take back our country poeple.....this is shear BS!

Vote out these thiefs in charge........and bring back govt regulation on energy.

sorry for the rant....but damn, I don't know to many people that can support $200 a week to drive to work..... :mad:


dont you worry one bit Indian. Gas prices are at the threshold right now where if they stay or get higher this economy will be ground to a halt worse than last time they got this high. You pay more for gas means you spend less on everything else. The cost of everything else rises as their delivery costs are up. If they plan on putting it up to 5.50 so that 4.50 seems cheap to us (like predicted)  things will not be pretty at all. I just need to find some chain guns to mount on the imca mod so that I can roll to get food Mad Max style when all hell breaks loose.


I think I'm more pissed this time around....if thats possible........


Wheres the petro?


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:mad: $125 - did not even fill the tank - but the dam credit card thing stopped. Must be they made enough from me by then. Great thing borrowing to get to work and then they made money also. Oops - forgot the gov needed their share also.
It must be a good thing - the politician's seem to be doing okay with their lifetime pensions and health benefits, etc.
Another edit. I feel sorry - I might hurt their feelings - since they are working hard - looking out for us constituents.  ( I had to use spell check for that)


don't ever let the politicians impose the metric system on the US like what happened to Canada. It's just been an excuse to put the price of gas well over $5.25 a gallon up here when the conversion is made from metric to imperial. Politicians make no mention of reducing the tax at the pump either to help out. Unfortunately, the government up here is beholden to the oil industry for getting them in power. It's not just coincidence that up here, the Oil Industry and Big Banks have made record profits while the rest of us suffer while our resources are sold to offshore buyers while manufacturing has bottomed out since free trade was introduced


canadianfan said:
don't ever let the politicians impose the metric system
They tried that when I was in High School. It was the cat's *****. It was the best thing since sliced bread and butter. Now we have vehicles and machinery that have both metric and english nuts and bolts. That's like that Iso 9000 or Year2000 *****.
We are LOOKING OUT FOR YOU  they say.
It's in your best interest.
We know best.
We have your backside.
Trust us.
We are working for you.
We are there for you.
In us you trust.
Opps I forgot.
You need us.
Without us you can't survive.
You will not do the right thing so we will do that for you.
We will protect you.
And if we tax you a little more we can HELP you make it.

The "RICH" don't pay enough.
The "POOR" don't pay.

We need more regulation, we need less regulation.
Global warming, global cooling, my head is spinning.

Indian - I understand you completely.
As much as I can't stand Obama, he has little blame for the gas prices.  Ben Bernanke is much more to blame.  I posted a link to an article a while back that explained how gas isn't more expensive, or money is worth less.  The price of gas in terms of gold is actually below its 40 year average.  But all the money the fed has printed the last couple years has made our dollars worth much less.  gasoline prices are just the most visible indicator of that.  Fire Bernanke and ban "quantitative easing" if u want to keep it from happening again.  Regulating "energy" will be of no help at all.


They just need to leave us alone and stop helping.
Now I'm afraid. The advertisement "most likely from Google" that shows on my screen is play the "Angry Birds" game.


when i see how much money the Canadian Government (and you guys can draw parallels to the US situation) has thrown into foreign aid, I just want to scream Charity begins at Home. At one time here, Canada had a National Energy Policy which meant Cdns would pay less than the world price for oil. Makes sense in a country where in parts of the nation, like Alberta, you have to have two furnaces to keep from freezing in the winter. Free Trade folks said an Energy Policy would be illegal and so it was cancelled-of course, big oil funded the politicians who made the cancellation and then proclaimed "We're Open for Business" in regards to Free Trade. Turned into a going out of business sale. As an outside observor, I don't think you can blame Obama as the previous admin had 8 years to mess things up pretty good. A dysfunctional congress didn't help either.
I think what I've noticed is that Americans seem to be hit harder with oil spikes as us Canucks have always paid more for fuel and have traditionally driven smaller vehicles as a result. Instead of an F-150 as a daily driver, a Cdn would likely buy a Ranger for example. We used to be fed the line that the extra fuel taxes we pay were used for "free" health care but we are now charged a premium when we do our income tax.
It's just sad that I think folks were lured by the thoughts of cheaper goods into killing our manufacturing base. Canada and the US had an excellent relationship thru the "Auto Pact" long before free trade was even thought of.
Back to racing, I think what it means for me personally, is likely attending more special events and less weekly shows.
We often joke that a Canadian is someone who drinks French wines, drives a Korean Car, vacations in Mexico and complains about the economy. I'm sure there are some parallels..........


Just wanted to say that I am working in Latvia right now near the Baltic Sea --
Gas here is over $6.00 a gallon and my rental car is a little VW and it takes over $90 to fill it.
Gas prices in the states have been lower than Europe for years --

People here use a car as a luxury and travel by public transport as much as they can.
And when I tell them my F-150 FX4 is 4 wheel drive and has a 5.4 litre engine in it they think I am crazy.

And lastly -- the metric system -- I pray every day that the USA will wake up and get on the same page as the rest of the world. The metric system is 100% easier and simpler to understand and use.  It is embrassing that we are still in the stone age when it comes to measurement.

Joe B.  #90 TQ midget    Powered by a Metric Kawasaki ZX7R


Joe-nothing against the metic system but for Canadians, our largest trading partner is still the US, and it made no sense for Canada to go metric unless the US did. IMO, it was much easier (and still is) for the oil companys to sneak through their 1 cent to 2 cent a litre daily increases whereas if it was displayed as the equivalent 5-10 cents a gallon daily, Canadians wouldn't be so complacent.
I often think comparing us to European prices is apples and oranges as they are not oil producing countries like we are. The last recession was brought on by bank and trading fraud and big oil. Free trade has turned North America from Manufacturing to Warehousing. High oil might even affect China's economy.
In the immortal words of Grandpa Simpson, "The metric system is the tool of the devil.  My car gets 40 rods to the hogshead and that's the way I likes it!"
Talked to my friends with a Modified today.  They just put the motor in this week.  They bought fuel in preparation for starting it and paid $11.65/gal. for the racing fuel.  They told me they're planning on over $100 a night just for racing fuel.  They're a real "low buck" team and I don't know how they're going to afford to race the whole season this year.  I'd like to help them but I'm not sure I can even afford fuel for my Jeep so that I can go watch them.

Sodus Mike

Leadfoot you must have eaten lead paint as a child . Gas went up when pelosi and her anti working ,pro planet , pro welfare GOONS were voted in and the gasoline prices soared . The other thing that is going to raise prices is the lousy ethanol they force the gas companies to put in . As far as I know its still being subsidized through our wallets but sooner or later they'll take that and the fuel companies will have to add that to the price . This is why it's so important to pay attention to politics and vote ! If you can afford $5.00 or more and think the planet cannot live with us on it by all means keep supporting politicians that think we can all just go buy a Chevy volt and work out of it .
Ding Ding Ding SODUSMIKE has the answer!!!!!! And yes Indian I will be spending my race nights at RACEWAY5 its 20mins up the road, And my RV has a 75 gallon tank my camping timeshare is 40mins up the road thats where we will be camping this year lot less travel for Charlie this summer..