Former Tioga Late Model Driver Ed Doebler Passes


Ed Doebler passed away last night after a car accident near his N.C. home. He raced his #25 Late Model at Tioga (Shangri-La) in the '70s and '80s along with Spencer, Fulton and the Pocono Race of Champions. His last Tioga victory came in 1989.


You can't even think about sharp street stocks from the 80's and not have Ed's trademark florecent red and white #25 chevelle come to mind. Sad to hear. We always stay at his sons Kevin and Joe's house when we visit NC and always enjoyed the visits from Ed. Thoughts and prayers are with them.


Sad News, Thoughts and Condolences to Family and Friends....

Below: Ed with Family back in the day...


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Jay Mooney

This is a terrible, terrible shock.  Our family has been friends with Eddie and the Doebler family forever.  His quick wit and wonderful sense of humor is what I?ll remember most about him.  Heartfelt prayers go out to Pat and the kids.  RIP Leadfoot.


4/26/80 photo with the Shangri-La dead heat feature between Ron Messemer #74 and Vince Randisi #75. Ed Doebler #25 finished third. Will Bradley #34 was fourth and Don Ryerse #19 was fifth. George Kent #26 won the Modified event that night over Doug Hewitt #52.


sad to hear. ed and brother ron were both very good friends. my heart goes out to family  ron messemer


Thank you all so much for all the love and support we?ve received over the last three days. Losing Dad so suddenly is incredibly hard, but our pain has been eased by your thoughts and prayers. In lieu of a traditional funeral, Dad always wanted a celebration of life where his friends and family would come together to share happy memories and have a final beer with him. Please join us in either Mooresville, NC or Binghamton, NY to honor his wishes. If you?re unable to come, we completely understand.
Mooresville, NC: 6:30-8:30 pm on Monday, January 19th 2015 at the Wingate Hotel (122 Regency Center Drive, Mooresville, NC 28117) Hotel rooms are available at a discounted rate, let us know if you need details on this.
Binghamton, NY: 6:00-8:00 pm on Thursday, January 22nd at American Legion Post 1194 (363 West Service Road, Binghamton, NY 13901)
? with Patricia Doebler
I agree racing has lost one of its best. I emailed Gary and Linda Beagell in Florida with this horrible news because I knew they sponsored him. Gary said he and Linda really liked Eddie and enjoyed sponsoring him. For me I lost a life long friend. I met Eddie when we were about 10 yrs old running around under the bleachers at Shangra-la. I stayed over many nights after the races when they lived on front street. When we were in high school he moved in the Windsor district where I attended. I rode to school with him often until I got my license which he helped me get. He was working at an Atlantic gas station on Harry L Drive in JC. He got me my first job there and helped me get my license while working there. Although we kind of lost touch over the years this hurts. The last time I seen him Ron called me from O'Neill's and said there's someone here that wants to see you. When I got there it was Eddie and Pat. I'm pretty sure they just bought the car he was killed in and came up for a visit. We had a lot of laughs and beers reminiscing. One last fond memory of Eddie. Ron I can't imagine how your feeling. I know how close you two were. My condolences to you and the rest of his family. Godspeed Eddie     


Thanks Joe.I know Eddie was glad that you came to O'Neills that night.He told me after words how he was glad to see you.It was fun to have someone to talk about those old days.Everytime we get together we always talk about the good old days of racing, that time we had 3 of us which was so cool.Like I've said before he wasn't just my cousin or friend he was like my brother.A lot of people thought we were brothers.I was 6 months older we both had Blonde Hair, and what's funny we both have the same middle name.We got the middle name John because our moms fathers were John and our Grandfather Doebler was also Named John.

I'd like to thank everybody on here for your condolences and the photos you shared.It definitely helps.Tomorrow is going to be a tough day because Pat and the kids are coming up from NC,they wanted to come a day early and it will be the first time seeing them without Eddie.I was making plans to go visit them later this year.

Going to miss you.Until we meet again soon. 



Made a mistake,they will be coming up Wednesday.Hard to keep track of what day it is after retiring.Getting older doesn't help either.  HAHAHA.