early 1990's Lancaster July 4th holiday weekend


In early 1990's my son and I went to Lancaster Speedway for racing and fireworks on July 4th weekend. All the races were run except for the Modified feature which was going to be run after the fireworks show. After the fireworks were done they tried to turn on the lights but lights wouldn't go on. They told everyone the lights weren't working and Modified feature would be run next week. You wouldn't believe how dark it was without the lights. When we were leaving Stan Friesen had turned on the lights of a car that was behind the grandstands to help the people get out of the speedway. It's funny today but I was upset at not seeing the feature.


Clinton County did almost the same thing Fri night. They ran 1st feature then shut off lights for fireworks then turned lights back on for the rest of the features. I had thoughts about how upset the sprintcar fans would be if the lights didn't come back on.