Doug Yochum stock car driver in the 50's and 60's from Buffalo area passed 01/26

Sorry to report sad news but it happens and I feel everyone getting this would like to know.  Doug's daughter Denise e-mailed me today that her Dad passed last night.  Both Denise and her brother Darryl were with Doug when he passed.  I have been in touch with Denise over the last few months and knew Doug was in failing health. 
      Doug was a member of the great racing brother team made up of Del, Don and Doug with Doug being the youngest.  Del passed about 9 years ago and Don lives here in Fl on the east coast.  I can remember watching Doug and his brothers running at Cuba Lake Raceway in the 50's and how impressed I was back then with his cars and driving ability.  I never got to know him until I organized the Cuba Lake Raceway banquet/reunion in 2003.  We talked many times in the last 10 years and I enjoyed my friendship with Doug very much with conversations on racing naturally but also on thing in life too.  Great Guy and driver.  I will miss my conversations with him from time to time.  Drive on Doug drive on.  I don't have any arrangement information.  I suggest you watch the Buffalo area newspapers.