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DeLange Racing
Lockport, NY

Media Contact:
Bruce Boucher
(585) 598-3242

Date: September 29, 2009
For Immediate Release


DeLange Racing is proud to officially announce the debut of their newly redesigned website. A new color scheme to match the team colors has been created and the content has been updated to keep you current with the team?s exploits in Modified racing.

Team owner Dave DeLange proudly invites all race fans to visit the site. ?Our website is designed to keep our many fans and friends informed on our racing exploits in the Asphalt Modified division. Our schedule and results are always posted in a timely fashion each week of the year starting with 2006 and you will find current news on our team in the Gazette. We also offer up-to-date point standings from every track and series that runs a Modified-type racecar. I grew up watching the Modifieds race and they will always be special to me. I want to expose the greatest form of racing there is to as many people as possible.?

Richie Grodski is a veteran of racing websites. His work history includes 15 years with graphics, 12 years with webpage creation and 8 years with racing websites. Richie is currently the Co-Founder/Webmaster/Media Director for the popular website as well as the Graphics/Media Director for websites. His range of skills, which includes web pages, photography, photo editing, logos, banner ads, flash files, and so on qualify him as an expert in his chosen field. Grodski offers this review of the DeLange site.

"Although I can't keep up with all racing sites on the internet, one that I do frequent is the DeLange Racing website. The DeLange site has taken on a new look and they have hit the mark dead on. They offer new colors, new navigation, more information and all the Northeast racing coverage you can handle. Besides covering the DeLange Racing team and their ventures, they also have complete point standings from the Northeast asphalt series' and tracks. Long time racing journalist, Bruce Boucher, keeps everything for DeLange Racing up to date and handles the job quite efficiently. If you haven't visited DeLange Racing's website already, I highly recommend you do. I guarantee you will be frequenting the website after just one visit."

We invite the racing fans to visit our new home at Please send us your thoughts by using the Contact page and be sure to sign the Guestbook. We will be there for you 52 weeks of the year.