David London - Late Model, Super Stock, Street Stock driver


Today I celebrate the birthday of an old friend that I miss dearly with a smile, some pride and some sadness. With the total dedication of my racing friends and an awesome driver, tonight I get to honor my friend David by celebrating our first ever Championship at Spencer Speedway in a car (a Chevy - don't be mad Dave) that we turned in to a replica of one of his past Fords. Terry Cheetham with the help of his dad Doug and friend John Avery, were able to secure a previously missed championship from their early Street Stock days to give themselves a great sence of accomplishment. Tonight we celebrate in many ways. Hope to see many of you there.



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Congrats Tom and Terry,you guys are a class act and truly deserve this Championship as a result of all your hard work and dedication to the fine sport of auto racing.I used to watch Dave run that Ford at Fulton in the 70s.


Racing Genius
Congrats to you guys, we raced against Dave at WCIS, I still have the cu he made for us sitting on my desk. See you guys at the U S Open.