Catania Deal To Buy Lancaster Wasn't Accepted


Gordon Reger confirmed to Larry Ott that Bill Catania's offer to buy Lancaster Speedway was denied. Reger is seeking a promoter for the 2015 season at the track. There will be an article in tomorrow's Buffalo News.


Well that sucks. I'm sure a business man and knowledgable racing man like bill made a reasonable offer. So the owner is being greedy. But maybe they think it's better to be closed than to take a reasonable offer. Bad idea. I don't know what the price was but if it's close maybe Lake Erie is a good plan.


You can put lipstick on a pig, but, you still have a pig....Repaving & Grandstand Improvements?....Sounds like the "same old, same old" again for 2015....But I hope I'm wrong....And yes; there are parties who are interested in operating the place for next season.


Add me in as one of the interested parties...anybody got contact info for Gordon, would like to take a meeting...


May have to do with cost with lake Erie speedway going for around the same price and not any really improvement needed doesn't make sense to buy Lancaster.

As far as promoters go need to get in contact with the person who runs ransomville speedway.good car count and always pack in the stands.
lol.. does this news surprise anybody? The place is a sh!thole and he wasn't going to buy it just to lose money. The value is in the property not the delapitated garbage that sits on it.
Anyone  want to by a ticket stub from the U.S. Open? It's a collector piece now. That's what I figured. I had heard that Bill had estimated the cost to update the facility.Particularly the lights & pavement to resurface the track. He did what any business man would do. He presented that to Gordie baby. Now after these last few years any promoter was damned if he did or it he didn't. If he were to make a show of it, up goes the rent. If he didn't that's where you are today. Sad day for auto racing in western NY. Refer is a land speculator & he own many places around the country & he's not interested in racing so as did many famous places like Langhorne.Shopping Mall maybe? I'm already figuring on Perry when time & the rock tour races  around NY. See ya there. Gordo baby I know a very rich person and he has always said, "ya got to spend money to make money" so get off your wallet you tight asz.


.......that plan would start with a bulldozer....and a big bag of cash. That is a $450000 piece of industrial property that is not that desirable cause its a bed of rock down about 18 to 24 inches....hard to build anything guys didn't really think Catainia was buying it did you? He saw a big bag of money called the 25 year old US Open and capitalized on fans emotions about the track. That's about it..makes no sense on paper as a business deal at all...


Racing Genius
Are you calling Catania a fraud, a huckster?  He came back three times to get the Modified portion of the Open in.

He has purchased other tracks so what you write here is a little harsh I think.


I believe you will find he leased another track and does not own one.....or is in the running to own one.....not really harsh..