Bristol baby!!


I was at Bristol for the mod race yesterday. I am not exaggerating in the least when I say this may have been one of the best modified races I have ever seen. I have been following the mods since the 70's. The top 8 to 12 cars were in a pack the entire race and passing was going on every corner of every lap. Patrick Emerling was the highest finishing ROC driver, he started 23 and finished 8. Jimmy Zacharias finished 10th. These two ran together the whole race and were fun to watch come to the front. Matt Hircshman was in fast but involved in the first caution. I couldn't see what happened from in the pits, but know he got a flat tire and pitted several times after that. He finished on towards the lower end of the finishing order. I've got lots of pics i will try to post later. If you get Fox sports 1, I highly suggest tuning in when the air this race. I believe it will be on August 31st. Oh yeah, a big congrats to Tommy Barrett Jr. on the win.


Congratulations to Patrick and Jimmy Z. on a couple of great top 10 finishes!!!....way to represent us New York racers  8) :)

"YES" The Mod Race WILL be shown on Sunday August 31st 2014 AT NOON on your local FOX SPORTS 1 Channel

(here in the Binghamton, NY area is Time-Warner Cable Channel 400 for me....) can't wait to see it....