Just installed disk brakes on my metric street stock and can not get a pedal. I took another set of front calipers and switched sides. have bled numerous times. no pedal. brand new rotors.
Lotsa possibilities here...

Bleed your brakes with the rear of the car in the air, as high as you can get it.  Trust me, it helps.  Check to see if your caliper pistons are close to being fully extended.  You may need a pad shim, depending on how you mounted your caliper brackets.  Make sure you have enough fluid volume to make the rear calipers work.  Drum brakes with the little old wheel cylinder do not require as much fluid volume as calipers.  Last, but not least, check your master cylinder(s)...  A residual valve will help if you can get pedal, but then it seems to fade.  Good luck!


I had the same problem for like 2 months it was because i mounted the calipers on the top side of the rear and the positioning of the bleeder made it impossible to get all the air out i had to hold them on the rotor with the bleeder facing straight up to get all the air out and then they worked fine 


If you are near a Harbor Freight store, for about $20.00 you can buy a hand vacuum brake bleed kit that will pay for itself the first time you use it.

When you put the hose on brake bleeder, it will pull all of the air out of the line and allow you shut the bleed screw without you getting sprayed with brake fluid and smelling like Prestone brake fluid for the next month.  One person can bleed the brakes so it doesn't cost you a case of beer to have your buddy there to pump the pedal.




sounds like you have air in the master cylinder. did you bench bleed it like you do when you put on a new master cylinder? after that just open the bleeders and let gravity work for you. close each bleeder as they start dripping, give them a couple squirts with the peadl down and you should be good to go. unless you have a leak in the system and it is sucking air on the return stroke.