Black Rock BB/SB Shootout Rules for 11/7

Black Rock Speedway
Big Block/Small Block Shootout Rules for 11/7/09

This race is open competition, but not a ?run-what-ya-brung? race.

- Conventional center-steer Northeastern-style dirt modifieds only, no special cars.
- Body must be DIRT legal, no sail panels.
- Right Rear tire maximum 92x13, any brand, any compound.
- Cast iron engine block only, must be V8.
- Maximum 4 bbl carburetor only, no multiple carbs, fuel injection, turbo or supercharger. 2 bbl allowed.
- 362 to 467 cubic inches (big blocks & big small blocks) on gasoline ? 2500 tsp
- Up to and including 361 cubic inches, maximum 750cfm carb on gasoline ? 2400 tsp
- Up to and including 361 cubic inches, maximum 750cfm carb on alcohol ? 2500 tsp
tsp = track scale pounds

Call Greg Birosh at 607-738-2545 with questions regarding rules.  If you would like to run something, but you are unsure if it will be legal, please call ahead of time and check.
Thank you for racing at Black Rock Speedway. 


Hi greg I will try to call you but If I dont call you first will you please give me a call Thanks Eric 607-426-3660
Clarification for BB/SB rules-
One-way radios are mandatory
Two-way radios are not allowed

Again, feel free to contact me with any questions.  Thanks!
I know there are some modified drivers & teams that read this site.  If any of you are planning on attending this race, can you leave a quick post or give me a call?  I'm trying to get an idea of how many cars will be coming.  Thanks.
Weather for this weekend is looking great so far, let's hope it holds. Again, if anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me. I had mentioned previously that we would draw for starting spots in the heats, but we will actually be setting the line-ups by time trial, so long as the weather allows us the time to do so. An inversion for the heats and re-draw for the feature will be determined by the number of cars on hand. Up to 30 cars will start the feature, so those with a longer tow should feel good about their chances of making the show. That said, if there is anyone planning on coming that I have not talked to, please drop me a line and let me know so I can get a better idea of how many cars will be there. This will help me set the format ahead of time, instead of on the fly. Thanks, and I hope to see everyone at Black Rock on Friday and Saturday.
time trials are being done by a timing eye buried in the track- therefore we will not use transponders.



There goes the neighborhood if Brent shows up. LOL  If you want weather updates call me.  I am pretty sure it will be raining when you call though.  LOL 




Yeah I found it, glad I checked the website. My dad called and never said we were racing, just asked what time. Kinda important info to know.


Taking the small block. Still haven't gotten the big block back since the head cracked at Redline.

dig it

          Good luck to u guys?I was hopeing we would make the show!but doesnt look like we are goin.we enjoyed racin with you at redline.


Thanks, We will need luck just to make it there in time, haha man, that's early. We might be back at Redline next year, not sure yet.
I would like to send out a sincere 'Thank You' to all the fans and racers that made last Saturday at Black Rock a great end to our 2009 season. I hope everyone had a good experience, whether on the track, helping out, or just watching. The racing was great and I can't wait for 2010. Thanks again.