Billys book


My younger brother racing "Billy Maynard" wrote a book as his health went downhill from being diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. At the time I thought he was doing it to ease his mind but now think he did it to ease ours.
By ours I mean the family, racing family and everyone he had ever crossed paths with. It was a limited published thing with 250 prepaid orders and sold out before arrival.
I put this here on RNY because I don't do the face things or any other  sites. Only here. Where the racers hang. Where Billy showed me how to keep up to date with the racing news.
I saw a lot of familiar buyers names on the mailing list and figure the most that knew him from his racing days would be the opinions I think he mostly was looking forward to. He struggled to get this done and he really struggled to get them all autographed.
He got it done.
R.I.P. Bmr69 a.k.a. WVMP1


I would love to get a copy of this book.I remember Billy winning his first modified feature at Tioga and camping next to the Maynard crew at Tioga as well.A class act indeed.


The Hill Speedway in Monroeton, PA will be hosting the $1,069 Billy Maynard Memorial on July 2 for IMCA Modifieds.  I will be in attendance to honor the gentleman.


who has read it and what did you think?
I have read your brother, Billy Maynard's book, "Thinking in Circles"
''The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man'.
When I learned from Billy through our texting that he was writing a book about his life, I immediately got on the pre-order list to buy it.
It is a wonderful read from a man I hold in high regard. Not having known Billy when he was young, it was enlightening for me to read about his early, formative years. Bill was everything he said he was in his book. He said what he meant, and meant what he said. He never minced words. He was GENEROUS, KIND, and HUMBLE. He had a positive, never give up, you can do it attitude. He never quit, and he expected those around him to never quit. He could always be counted on when neccessary.
He demonstrated these qualities by action and word. Some examples;
When I wrecked my car, rolling it over and over again off turn two at old Tioga, it was Billy and his crew who loaded my car and tools while I was in the hospital. It was Dar & Billy who picked me up from the hospital and brought me back to the track that night. They had dinner waiting for me too! This is the kind of man Billy Maynard was. Billy (and his brothers) always willingly, and eagerly mentored me, and helped me learn the ropes when I began racing decades ago.
Billy and his brother's NEVER hesitated when I needed help repairing my race car, and they would never accept anything for their time and resources...
Hell, brother Joe wouldn't even accept a case of beer for fabing and welding my chassis back together after ***** ****** cut down low, out of the groove to T-bone me as the corner flagger waved me back onto the track.
And, unlike other's, they always gave me HONEST setup and handling information. They offered positive critiques to help me improve as a driver. We were friends, we lived in the same neck of the woods.
We had great times together at old Tioga; racing, camping, eating, and of course, drinking! And who can forget "PORK AND HORK!" Hey John, do you remember doing donuts in my Corvette in Billy and Dar's backyard that one year....! What a blast!
And recently, when I built another Late Model to go racing, Bill again unselfishly offered me advice and guidance.
I could go on. I apologize for the dissertation.
Billy was a true blue friend through and through that could be counted on time and time again.
I wish Billy and I had become friends long before we did....
So John, to answer your question;
It was a GREAT book written by a GREAT man, and my friend.
I am thankful Billy was a part of my life story.