Andrew J with a Top 10 on Daytona


An awesome job.I just cant see how he races so much on a pizza delivery mans salary?He did a great job threading the needle to miss a big wreck.I always like to see the local upstate guys further their careers. 


Congratulations to Andy J on his Arca race , I was impressed with his driving skills especially when he missed that accident by diving down to the grass and weaving through the wreckage. Good job  8)  John sr.


Nice job Andy J. ,  good starting spot and a good finish, (yes, with some fancy driving moves)  I seen you display...  got a kick out of female announcer, she really did a job on Jankowiak ...  We knew who she was talking about Lol ...


Racing Genius
It was awesome to hear the TV coverage give props to Andy J for he and the family involvement with the sport...I LOVE it when one of "OUR" drivers get national attention of their racing exploits!!!