602 vs built

Friend is trying to decide between buying a new crate or having a motor built for his super stock, he is leaning towards a crate .....opinions please on longevity of the crate and how they perform against built motors at chemung and other tracks in ny....pros and cons and concerns are appreciated thanks


I would run the 602 if you can run the 4 bbl carb.With the 2 bbl  good luck.


i stopped raceing sportsman because of this. open motors are better then crates even when the crate is on a 4 barrel . last 2 years at batavia a open motor has ruled the place. crates are lazzy a open motor seems to be more responsive . a am motor dumb but have driven both and this is how it feels in the car. longevity is not over doing the rpms and good mantinace .


I ran the crate on asphalt for years and contrary to popular opinion they were never opened or cheated.  We won many races and championships on (and this should be a deciding factor) PUMP gas.  3$ Vs 10$ is a no brainer to me