2:92 Gear ?


Good luck dude! I was able to find 2:91 from Roush Racing used, but I run a 9". I have a set or 2 of stock 7.5's laying around, i'll see how close they are.


I just looked at some old notes I have and I have written down...1979-1983 Regal 2.93 gears    code is bg-aw
Dont know how accurate that is but if your walking a yard and happen to find one this may help?
Awesome,      Oh, and Congratulation on the Rookie of The Year @ the concrete castle 2012!  The couple of races i ran @ the end of the season 2011.  Destroyed my chance of being the rookie of the year.  Oh well, live and learn.    I should of just took it each week and ran the practices before the races.  Then put it back on the trailer,  before I tempted to run a whole season.  Hey, You did a great job for your first season there.


if i correctly remember as i sometime does, every time the manufactur needed to boost the mpg they just added the gear to get it. or the performance factor. once you narrow down the hot spots you can find the gears. the hollander manuals have always been spot on when i used them and chased down the v.i.n. codes. they started with 4:10s and raised them every since. do i hear 1:1?


#99 Vintage Racer said:
What GM vehicles came with the Metric Rear 7.5" 2:92 gear?  I need a new set for this season.  Hope somebody has a better idea then I have!
Bob i have a set of 2:93's but they are for an 8.5 rear. If you need them you can call me.
All you need is a Housing.  lol
Thanks O.M.G. for the rear.  Got it apart, getting the axle's drilled out now.  I'm ready know.