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    4 cyl motor

    who builds a good 2300 motor in the southern tier thanks :D
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    ultra max kart

    i have for sale ultra max proforce kart. the motor was rebuilt 3 races a go. it has two sets of tires and rims the frame has be powder coated the kart has been all gone threw and all new bearings. its  race ready. 1500.00 any questions give me a call  607-329-1410
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    mustang 2.3 wiring.

    need some help on the wiring on the coil to the distributor  the plug going in to the distributor is the flat one with with 6 wires witch wire do i need to use. thanks for any help.
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    what happened to kids program@Blackrock

    8) can anyone explain what is going on at Black Rock Speedway? Kids Jr fan club is no longer there. From what I have seen there on Friday nights the program was a huge hit, kids winning bikes,goodies bags, prizes, my son was always excited to go to the races for the new stuff at the fan club...
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    imca tires

    who sells imca tires in the corning elmira area. ::)
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    race gas

    how has race gas in the corning area :-*
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    shocks for imca

    what is a good shock package  to run on and imca mod . :-*
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    what is the best ignition system

    what is the best ignition system to run in and imca mod thanks.
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    who rebuilds bert trannys

    8im looking for someone to rebiuld a bert tranny in the corning & elmira area thanks.
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    imca intake manifold

    what would be the best intake to run on a motor thanks. 8)
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    i;m looking to buy imca modified just don't know what chassis to go with . xtreme, pierce, bms, Harris, dirtworks,bandit, mach1,,skyrocket, your thought would be great. 8)
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    how to take vinly lettering off

    in need to know the best way to take vinyl lettering off my trailer and to get the glue off to thanks 8)
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    dodge omni

    I have a dodge omni when u drive it about  20 mi it shuts off and u let it set for about 5 minutes and it will start back up. its a 98 any help .thanks
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    street stock shocks

    what is a good  shock and spring set up to start with at sl 2 I'm going to race down there in the streetstocks class any help would be appreciated thanks  ;D