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    Bonus Money..Tommy & Tony race at the U.S.Open

    With the change in the "Promotional Team" at Lancaster Speedway for the U.S.Open Weekend, the lap 37 & 73 Bonus Money will again be handed out by the "cranky hick"..The leader of lap 37 will collect $370.00..and the leader of lap 73 will collect $730.00..Money will be cash in the hand after the...
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    Lancaster Speedway

    Just announced: The Tommy & Tony Memorial Race, is now part of the 2014 ROC Tour!
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    Lancaster Speedway (EBRP)

    Just posted (by Lori) a Stock Car Program that includes 12 race dates ..Also two practice dates (before season & before US Open). Soooooo, What do you think?
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    Race Fan Budget

    Just wondering: As a fan, How much do you think you spend, to support racing during a season?..This would include travel, tickets, lodging, tee shirts, food, ect.
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    With the very strong "stories", going thru the pits Saturday, that Lancaster will have a "reduced" schedule of Stock Car Events in 2014; Who will benefit?  On the surface, it would appear that Perry & Holland "may" gain a few more cars, if the racers don't have to make "major changes" to there...
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    Sunset Speedway & Andy J

    Andy started 30th in the feature at Sunset Speedway(in Canada) & finished 5th..This is the OSCAAR Series in Canada..
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    Question...Back Gate!!

    Just thinking..Should or does a track make a profit on the Back Gate?..Seems like "some tracks are charging a lot of money" at the Back Gate....Racers, Crews, & Sponsors are paying their own purse...It would seem not enough work is being done to get "FANS" thru the "Front Gate"..Empty "VIP"...
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    @5th U.S. Open Bonus Money

    The leader of lap 50 of the ROC Modified 100, will receive a $250.00 Bonus The leader of lap 50 of the Sportsman/sst/pro mod/weekly mod 100, will also receive a $250.00 Bonus.
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    2 Million Bikers "RACING", to D.C.

    Well this may get deleted, but, there are 2 Million Bikers (many of whom are race fans) racing to Washington, D.C. to remember the loss of so many Americans on 9-11..May they be safe on their trip home to visit there favorite racing venue!..USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA..
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    FREE CAMPING, for a RaceNy Fan

    Hmmm; I will pay for one Camping Sport ($32.00) at the U.S.Open for the RaceNY poster who posts the best reason for needing it...Humor is a plus!!...All entries must be posted here by 4:00pm, 8/14/13..Good Luck & remember..HUMOR..
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    Woo Hoo

    Just in from RCR..Austin Dillon will drive Tonys #14 this week..You go young man.
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    Am I missing something?

    Two Modified races at Lancaster Speedway (Aug. 3 & 17) & no mention of it anywhere..Tommy & Tony Race on the 17th..Hmmm!
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    Matt vs Chuck

    I've been watching the rivals battleing for the past few years, & I'm hoping , Mr. Harpel & the two drivers can meet (in a closed door session) & calm the emotions a little..I got no dog in this race, but, as a race fan, how long can this continue until other drivers get caught up in their on...
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    AARN, reporter, Dave Roberts, wrote that all four Mod Races at EBRP will use Hoosier Tires & that the US Open will not be a ROC race. I sure hope his info is incorrect!
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    Wednesday Morning Surprise

    Four Mod Races at a Track that sits beside the Thruway (with a very good purse)...But...on Non AR Tires...Hmmmm..Could Be!!!
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    Trying to find something good from the Monday/Tuesday races? from the short track & this is my top five!! 1. It's February & there is MODIFIED RACING on TV.  (And it is live).. 2. TC  didn't crash anyone to win a race.  (But he sure did use the "chrome horn). 3. There were no "Waltrips" on...
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    Late Models at "Daytona"

    I enjoy a good Late Model Race,..BUT..This Is Not It!..And looking at the track layout, I wonder if the Mods will be any better...I'll have my fingers crossed..
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    I see (as per their facebook page), The track is looking for a "new business partner"..And you get to name it.. ...Hmm...Suggestion: Racenys "Lancaster Speedway?
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    U.S. Open ..Opinion!!

    Sorry, but, I don't get all excited over 15/16 starting fields for the features (hats off to the Sportsman & TQs for very strong support)..Running the Modifieds LAST on the program " inexcusable"..11:00 starting time for your main feature, when your crowd is cold & leaving, is shameful..The...
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    Red Friday..U.S. Open

    Because, Friday September 14th is the first day of the U.S. Open at DTRP..And some of us wear "red" on Fridays to show support for our men & women serving in many faraway places, I would ask if you would also wear "red" on that day.. My son & many many outhers are stationed in Afganistan & I...