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  1. Simple Man


    any updates?
  2. Simple Man

    Lancaster Updates?

    Any updates for tonight?
  3. Simple Man

    Great American Race

    Just went overseas........
  4. Simple Man

    Oswego ROC

    Congratulations Andy!
  5. Simple Man

    Racing Peep

    Happy Easter RNY
  6. Simple Man

    Lancaster - On the first day of Christmas.......... true love sent to me, a promoter named Howie. On the second day of Christmas......................................
  7. Simple Man

    Us open / Vintage heat

    What did everybody think of the vintage race of 3X  Les Myers, dirt track'in asphalt! CRAZY! :o
  8. Simple Man

    richie video

    Richie Evans
  9. Simple Man

    Rudolph's Illegal

    Happy Holiday's
  10. Simple Man

    What did you think of the US open

    My thoughts: Decent car count & crowd ( Ralphs $miling) They could have moved the show along. (2 heats instead 3) Too many caution laps. (Thought the thruway sign was the caution lap counter) Who was the starter (OMG) Sat so long, the bench cracked Was still there though, supporting the old boy.
  11. Simple Man

    Foar score picnic

    Any info for this year?
  12. Simple Man

    oswego friday

    any results???
  13. Simple Man

    Oswego Weekend Weather

    Anybody in Oswego have the latest forcast?