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    So this is not a slam or bitch post, I really want to have a discussion about this. And I'm not slamming any one track for doing this. This handicapping system for the feature is just bad in my opinion. I understand doing a handicap for heats to reward teams that are supporting the track week...
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    4cyl RWD scale numbers for Woodhull

    Like it says, need some ball park scale numbers for a RWD Mustang. Just something to get me somewhat, kinda close. I realize this is probably a closely guarded secret, but anything would be helpful. You can PM them to me it would be appreciated. Problem is, Woodhull is such a unique track...
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    R.I.P. Scott "Scooter" Schneider

    I know this place isn't much on drag racing. But the local engineering field and auto racing community lost a good guy this past weekend. It sucks, And my heart goes out to his parents and friends...
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    (Not a drama post) What's the deal with the Scarborough incident?

    Never really heard of him, see posts all over about him pretty much getting himself black balled. What actually went down to make this happen? Honest question. Please leave the drama and personal attacks out of this, just wondering about facts as this seems like a pretty big deal.
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    Corning race fever canceled after 30 years. The yuppies are at it again......
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    Holley 4412 on a stock 2300 intake.

    What intake adapter do I need to make it work? Also does anyone know who sells the return spring brackets?
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    Need a phone number for......

    Jim Hixson, CMP tech. PM it to me please, no need to post it.
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    Paradise Saturday

    Just wondering how many RWD 4cyl's are planning on racing this Saturday at Paradise. Want to maybe race, don't want to run with the FWD's at that particular track. And the "other" track seems like a crash fest recently.
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    Penn state..........

    Just wondering what the opinions are of the people who took old Joe's side of things last year. Doesn't look so good for old Joe and the rest of his corrupt buddys now does it? Sorry, but what happened at Penn state has no excuse or justification in any way shape or form. Good riddence Joey.
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    Gas price rant

    Just filled up for the second time this week...$100+....what a crock of %$#@&! I'm done, fed up, tapped out....when I get home the race car gets pushed out of the garage and tarped behind the pole barn. The only place I drive from now on is to work and the grociery store. I will not be spending...
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    If this is true, It disgusts me......

    From facebook....can anyone confirm or deny?
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    Congrats to Dylan Ceece and the Fly'in X team!

    As a fan....... CONGRATS DYLAN on not only the Championship, BUT ALSO the rookie of the year! And to One MR. Richie Sharpsteen for facilitating this to happen. For you to do what you've done for this young man Richie, speaks volumes on your character. CONGRATS GUYS! It's been a thrill to watch...
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    Need a vinyl guy near Corning....$$$

    I have vinyl that needs to be re-done on a 21' boat, nothing overly complicated, but need a quote from someone that can come here and look at it. Have cash in hand for the work. Please leave a phone number here and I'll call A.S.A.P.
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    Congrats to Brett "the jet" Hearn

    800th career win last night at Fonda....Freaking Unbelievable. ;D
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    Congrats to Bradly Utter on his first win!!!

    I know this is race NEW YORK...but....We grew up together and went to this track(Whittemore raceway, Whittemore MI.) every weekend, it was dirt back then....way to go buddy!  ;D LEADSLED HEAT RACE 7/30/11 Also, notice the car count? Its not just around here guys, all tracks are suffering with...
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    Need a fabricator to do an aluminum job

    Need a T-top frame for my boat welded up(tig). Want to use 1.5 Aluminum tubing and a little 3x2 aluminum. I have drawings, a model, and cut list. Anyone interested please shoot me a PM and we can work out the details.
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    The Veteran

    It is the VETERAN, not the preacher, who has given us freedom of religion. ...It is the VETERAN, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press. It is the VETERAN, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech. It is the VETERAN, not the campus organizer, who has given us freedom...
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    Blackrock 5/20/2011

    Awesome freaking racing tonight guys. Some of the best races I've watched in years! ;D ;D Congrats to Creekside racing on two wins on the evening! 8)
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    Anyone ever been to.....

    Allegheny Memorial Speedway? Never heard of this track before we ran into it today, Stopped and looked around. Was just wondering if it'd be worth going some weekend and watching.
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    Is it still on? Anyone know? We need to leave in a 1/2 hr or so to make it......can someone post soon.