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    Zack Curren's Race Party

    Zack Curren's race party this year is on March 19th from 6:00 - 8:00 at Zack's Grill in Pine City, NY.  Come one, Come all.  See ya there!
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    Tom's Speed Shop (Sticker) Decal?

    Anybody have any idea how I can get ahold of a couple of these stickers from Tom's Speed Shop.    This is the only decal I'm missing for the look i need for the Duke pinto project's hood.      If you have one and can't part with it, for what ever reason?  I would like to use it to get it copied...
  3. Tom's decal on the Duke's hood.jpg

    Tom's decal on the Duke's hood.jpg

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    Older Modified Nose?

    Anybody have any ideas on who might have one of these hanging on the wall from the 70's or 80's?  I need to find one for the Pinto "Duke" project.  Looks to me like they were molded form fiberglass?    You think the Troyer's may have one laying around?
  5. Nose 2.jpg

    Nose 2.jpg

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    Zack Curren's Race Party

    When:  April 25th 2015 Where:  Wheeler's Family Restaurant Time: 6:30 PM     Come and have a great time with racing friends and family. 
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    Zack Curren's Race Party

    When:  April 25th 2015 Where:  Wheeler's Family Restaurant Time: 6:30 PM     Come and have a great time with racing friends and family.   
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    WCIS rain date Oct 11th Rules? Tires?

    Will it be American racers only?  Or a comparable tire?  F75's, 980's, used 1070's or Big ten tires?    No vortec heads? 
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    Vintage Modified exhibition race @ the US Open 2014

    Lets see if we can get a great turn out for the Vintage Modified exhibition race.    At our last vintage race at Spencer, The club president was asking who could make the haul to Lancaster for the US Open?  I'm in!  How about  the Dutch Hoag coupe and the 3 clover of Fitz.  Lets get a bunch of...
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    ROC race @ Chemung 8/9/14 Video?

    Has anybody got there video of the race at Chemung 8/9/2014 yet.    I paid for a copy the day of the race in the pits, as a couple of people from 5 mile point were taking pre race orders for the video of that nights racing.  $20.00 and they said the videos would be mailed out the next...
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    Save the date : ZACK CURREN'S RACE PARTY When: March 29 @ 6:30 Where: Wheeler's Rest.
  12. Zack Curren 2012.jpg

    Zack Curren 2012.jpg

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    Spencer Speedway's fall open Video taped?

    Does anybody know if the last race this year at Spencer Speedway was Video taped by anybody?  I don't know if the track had a video photographer there that night or not?  If it was taped by anybody, i would like to buy a copy of the event.
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    Zack Curren Race Party

    ** REMINDER ** Zack Curren Race Party Wheeler's Family Restaurant & Catering Pine City, NY April 27th @ 6:00
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    2:92 Gear ?

    What GM vehicles came with the Metric Rear 7.5" 2:92 gear?  I need a new set for this season.  Hope somebody has a better idea then I have!
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    Shang II finishing order? 8/11/12

    So whats going on? Anybody know what is up with the 2nd and 3rd place cars at the finish?  I heard they were DQed.  For what this time? 
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    In Car Camera from Shangri-La II 5.13.12

    I seen a few cars at the track Sunday with GoPro cameras mounted on there race cars.  Anybody with in-car footage post the videos yet.  Lets see what you guys got for footage from opening day at the Concrete Castle?
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    Who is going to Mountain Speedway for opening weekend?

    April 14th and the 15th.  Mountain Speedway opens, anybody going from upstate? 
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    Zack Curren race party

    Where: Wheeler's Rest. 1825 Pa. Ave Pine City, NY When : March 31st @ 6:00 PM Beer ~ Snacks~ Raffles~ I hear the new car will be ready and on hand.  Stop and check out Zacks new Race Car. Should be a great time, it usually is!
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    Is the swap meet in Shelby, NY the 19th or the 26th?