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    American Racer Tires for Street stock?

    Mahoning Valley has partnered up with American racer tires now....they haven't given us much detail as in to which tire compound they are going with for the street stocks but I'm assuming they are going to stick with the compound closest to what we ran with Hoosiers 790's and that would be the...
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    602 vs built

    Friend is trying to decide between buying a new crate or having a motor built for his super stock, he is leaning towards a crate .....opinions please on longevity of the crate and how they perform against built motors at chemung and other tracks in ny....pros and cons and concerns are...
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    Mahoning Octoberfast

    Anyone coming down from up north to race??
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    Tony Hirschman racing tomorrow at Mahoning's Octoberfast!

    Tony will be driving Bob Horn's #50 that Matt normally drives.....should be a really good show tomorrow....around 30 Mods preregistered now, close to 40 super/street stocks are expected and over 30 dirt mods now preresistered...bundle up and come on down!
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    Mahoning Valley Octoberfast Street Stocks $2k to win

    Bring your super stock/ street stock out to Mahoning on Oct. 26th...this is a race where you don't have to buy a set of tires just to compete...get some used Hoosier 790's and come have fun...we averaged over 25 cars a week so there is almost a guarantee that there will be at least 30+ so that...
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    Mahoning Valley Speedway Octoberfast!

    Super/Street Stock 75 Laps- $1,800 to win $200 to take green! Plus lap money! Modified 130 laps- $5000 to win $300 to take green! Dirt Modifieds 60 laps (possibly twin 30's)- $3,000 to win $250 to take green! Don't miss out on an awesome show! If you have never been to Mahoning you should def...
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    Mahoning "Octoberfast" less than two weeks away!!

    Haven't heard much buzz on here about the race in a while. So might as well start it up again. Got a chance to talk to the track promoter the other day and he has been getting calls and expects close to if not more than 50 modifieds! Also  believes they'll get 40+ street stocks for the show...