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    Jeremie Corcoran interview From his take on Super dirt week, dropping DIRT sanction to do his own thing at CMP, Taking up part ownership with the GRIT series, running the trade show and bringing back the auction next year at Syracuse, among other events this winter...
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    Car Show Canandaigua N.Y. this Saturday August 8th

    Corby's Collision Center in Canandaigua is hosting their 3rd annual cruise-in car show this Saturday August 8th from 10am til 3pm, all types of classic cars, race cars or motorcycles are welcome.This is a free event to enter or spectate, Classic cars will be judged and receive prizes. Anyone...
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    Dan Harpell

    Need contact info for Dan Harpell, getting recording calling track number,  please pm me a good number for Dan. Thanks.
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    Raceway 5 / Freedom Speedway Street Stock rules

    For those not keeping track of the updated rules, I just noticed the transmission rules at Raceway 5 were updated and been changed on Jan. 21st. Single disk clutches has been removed and torque converter size has been removed. Now just reads auto or manual transmissions no direct drive no...
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    Kurt Busch???

    I waited to find out his reasoning for his actions at today's race, and to sum it up he stated he noticed the car could still roll and wanted to hurry up and get it to the garage area for repairs so he could get back out because of the competitive nature in him.  Seriously??? taking off with a...
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    This politician takes the cake

    I know a lot of you like to talk politics on this board, so i thought I would share these articles from the Rochester area with you, this shows me how most politicians really are deep down inside, It scares me to think this is how our elected officials are underneath it all. I have copied them...
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    Raceway 5 Street Stocks

    Anyone know anything about rules yet?
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    Congratulations Chad Homan/Campbell Engines

    Congrats Chad on your modified win at Lernerville with your Billy Campbell powered Big Block.  ;)
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    Please e-mail me, ,got a question to ask. Thanks, Rick.
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    Need contact info for Joe Willcox

    Looking for an e-mail adress or phone number for Joe Willcox performance.
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    Woodhull street stock tires?

    Where can I buy them in the off season? and what are they getting for them this year?
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    One Wicked Run, check out this ride

    Thought I share this video link, turn up your volume, Now if I could only get my street stock to handle like this.  ;D
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    Tribute to Hornell soldier Zach Smith

    Saw this link on 13 wham news in Rochester by Robert Symonds: Very nice work Robert in remembering one that fought and died for us.