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    Skyline and Thunder Mountain get a Cam Dr.

    Great News for the 602 Crate class that will be running at Skyline Raceway Park & Thunder Mountain Speedway, THE NEW CAM PRO PLUS, Cam Doctor Tech Tool is in the process of being ordered along with other much needed tech tools, to keep the class as fair as possible, and to provide Great Racing...
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    Pit Steward

    Is the pit steward's job to be a liason between the track and the teams?? Is it appropriate for a pit steward to yell at, ignore, or just generally talk down to team reps??
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    Pull in the yellow???

    You guys ever see or hear of a track throwing the yellow and then pulling it in?? Happened Saturday around the 17th lap car spins and is sitting on the track in the groove, yellow lights come on, starter flashes the yellow flag and pulls it in, some guys slowing some guys not, next time around...
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    New procedure idea what do you guys think

    At the tracks I have been to this season a great area of debate has been treatment, or lack there of, cars in support classes that exit the racing surface during the race to change a tire etc, etc. It is different for everyone and everywhere but I for one would actually be in favor of a rule...
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    I can't help but think...

    That the lack of winter like weather this year is going to catch up with us right about the time we are all itching to get to and/or on the tracks. Hope I am wrong.
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    Raceway5 rules updates????

    Looks like it is going to be a stellar year for Raceway5 in 2012, is there a target date for the finalized rulebook?? I have seen some rule updates so far, but what about other classes?? I heard that the Sportsman are going to be all crate, if that is true that is great news and sure to attract...
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    Cayuga County Fair Speedway shut down..

    On DTD and Facebook that Cayuga County Fair Speedway has been closed due to a conflict between the Kingsley's and WRG. Look for a press release very soon.
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    When does it raise an eyebrow??

    Would a racer winning 6 races in a row, at 3 different tracks, AND their laptimes are sometimes .4-.5 tenths faster than the field, be cause for a thorough investigation of the complete car and engine?? FYI this is in a crate motor class with said car starting as far back as 17th. I know some...
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    With CMP rained out I ventured over to Raceway5. I saw that some others had the same idea as Justin Wright was there, as was the Mrzywka team. Both of these invading teams where fast with Wright winning a heat, and Mrzywka's 04 absolutely running away with the show. It was obvious in the closing...
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    Am I the only one????

    That really enjoyed seeing the smoke pouring out the 48 last night. I also thought it was kinda cool when the 88 ran out of gas. I can't be the only one that these events brought a smile too ??
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    Mrzywka wins Fulton.

    I just saw in the results on the other site that Greg Mryzwka won at Fulton. Now I see why they where not at Raceway5. With Raceway5/Genesse closed last season they raced at Weedsport and ended up in the top 5 in points. I think this team would be a threat for the Raceway5 title, anyone know if...
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    Can't Believe...

    Nobody on this board is saying anything about Brewerton, Fulton, and Can-Am, dropping the DIRT sanction.