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    Is Nitro Fab still open?

    new phone lost #. You Still Fabricating, Re Clipping?
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    GM 8.5 Rear Axel's Do any Stock ones Exist?

    I'm looking for a few. Have a bent one in my car since last night but couldn't tell from my seat. Race @ 5 mile today call me if one could exist. 759-5605.
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    Intake Seal/ Gasket

    I used the crappy GM350 seals on the front and back of my intake which was not good. Has anybody done this and after fixed the right way (RTV only) got the power back in the engine ? It Sucked/pushed the seals out and out came the oil, Lost power about three laps in and by ten it was just Blah...
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    Afton Full Field Again?

    For only part of a season ran and myself never being their before, the track was their and we were racing. I plan on giving it another try this Friday, Any other of the 12 new S.S. drivers getting back tommarrow? Actually their were more than that but only 12 new cars made the show. I know I am...
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    Afton / Radio's?

    do they use radio's @ Afton for street stocks? Race Recievers 454.???? Can't find mine so I'm hoping No.
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    any help?

    would like to get this on the other site if any body could help. I need a car or parts car with good front clip. Pure stock or street.  81 Malibu or equal. Trying to stay in the points race @ FMP. One of the only guys that could get into the top 5 in points if I get their this week. I have no $...
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    picks 5 mile point 5/1.

    I see on the other forum which we cannot respond on Tyler has picked himself form the pure stocks. Not a bad pick but and a hard one at that. I think thier is at least 8 to 10 cars that could win me being one of them if I make it past lap Two. But then again I would be happy finnishing second to...
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    ohh yeah it's her.

    Sun is Out Strong, Car is ready and I can't wiat to hit the track to see who and what we all got. Can't even think about work anymore so I minds well go home and stare at the new paint. It will almost blind ya with the sun out so bright, Sun Block will be required. Whish it was Saturday, good...
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    Complete schedule for Dart Pure Stocks ?

    I have emialed FMP and others, I want to hit all the Dart Pure stock races but like last year don't have a schedule. Sucked when i thought I was making the first race last year to find they had raced somwhere else already. I see FMP, PC, Skyline and mayby Thunder mountian but are others...