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    Wally Spry.

    Former Shangri La driver Wally Spry has passed away.He was well know for his white #39 Sedan in the mid to late 60's.
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    Super Dirt Car Series

    5 Mile Point Speedway has canceled tonight's racing and will be run Wednesday night.With the threatening weather and heavy down pours for late afternoon and evening it was the best solution due to all the drivers and fans coming from out of town.The schedule will be the same for tomorrow...
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    PA accident

    I just heard on WBNG TV News in Binghamton that 49 year old Joe Rafferty was fatally injured in a MV Accident.I was wondering if anybody else heard about it because I was wondering if it's the same one that raced and who was also former Modified Driver Ed Rafferty's Son?
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    N.C. Anyone heading that way"

    I was wondering if anyone was going down around the Mooresville,N.C. area in the next couple of weeks from the Binghamton or Southern Tier area? I need to have some things picked up for the November 10th Denny Decker Benefit. You can reach me at (607)-723-0643.                 Thanks,        ...
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    Stewart Friesen

    Any update on Stewarts injuries that he received at Middletown today?I seen where they said he hit the wall coming out of turn 4.Possible internal bleeding,broken ribs and leg.
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    5 Mile

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    Carl Edwards

    Carl Edwards staying with RFR.
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    Daytone 500 party

    Daytona 500 party at O'Neills Sports Bar.721 Upper Court ST.Binghamton, subway plaza next to TA Travel Center. 12:00 to end of race. Free food buffet. 1.00drafts 2.00cans and 2.00 welldrinks Big sreen tvs. 50/50 raffles. No cover charge. Come on down and start the racing season.
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    new clay

    Truck loads of new clay was being delivered today at Five Mile Point.Setting over the late fall and the winter should make for a good racing surface for the upcoming 2011 racing season.
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    Nice job on your generosity with the 5 Mile Point figure 8s. I put it on Five Mile Point figure 8s thread.
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    I would like to send my condolences to IMCA drivers Mike for the loss of his mother and the grandmother of Tyler. May GOD be with the family and help comfort you through your loss. Ron Doebler
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    Congrats. to all the  2009 champions. I also want to send out a big congrats to  the drivers in all the classes for a real competetive year. I had a great time flagging all of you drivers.I'm looking forward to doing it again next year. Good luck to all of you in the year ending big shows...