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  1. Oilman

    Nice video recap from Oswego, May 29th

    Well done video. Miss Oswego. Spent many a Saturday night in the pits with Ray Sand Sr and in the stands.
  2. Oilman

    Dan Fletcher Wins 77th

    I thought I would share this with my RaceNY friends. Dan Fletcher from Churchville NY won his 77th career NHRA National event win at The Mopar Mile High Nationals at Bandimere Speedway in Denver CO today.  As a former NY resident, I am proud to post this for Paz and the rest of you.
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    Fletcher a.jpg

  4. Oilman


    Today will be my last post on Race New York from NY.  Tomorrow we begin the move to Colorado.  I will miss all the excitement in short track NY, however, I know Race NY will keep me updated.  I will get the opportunity to check out the local stuff out there.  We are not far (1 hr) from Colorado...