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  1. Turbo01

    Jukasa Motor Speedway - bad news

    Oh, and about the situation with qualifying races, I say why bother. If everyone is already qualified, scrap the meaningless heat races, random pill draw at pit entrance, and add 10 laps to the feature. Same number of laps on equipment, less time in the stands for impatient people, and what's a...
  2. Turbo01

    Jukasa Motor Speedway - bad news

    Lead foot, all excellent points as well. I don't feel sorry for the people that bought near facilities and complain about noise and or traffic. In my opinion, those are the kind of people that are never happy unless they're complaining about something. Having the same problem right now with the...
  3. Turbo01

    The best of all time Street Stock drivers on asphalt only please

    So are we just naming random (good) drivers? Or are we still looking for the best?
  4. Turbo01

    Jukasa Motor Speedway - bad news

    When I was a kid, my dad crew chiefed for Gail Barber. When he moved up to modifieds, we would travel from Bliss to Spencer speedway every Friday night, minimum 90 minute drive. Then to Shangri la every Saturday night, a 2 and a half hour drive. Never thought anything of it. Today I live in...
  5. Turbo01

    The best of all time Street Stock drivers on asphalt only please

    I've been watching street Stocks since the 70's. Seen a bunch of really good drivers, but if you ask who the best I ever saw was, it's actually easy, Buck Catalano. No matter where he was racing, he was racing for the win.
  6. Turbo01

    Dont Understand

    Also to answer the original question, why can Lancaster pack the stands and Erie cant for a modified race? Lancaster is a modified track, with multiple generations of modified fans locally. They've showed up for years. Erie isn't a modified track and doesn't have a huge local modified following...
  7. Turbo01

    Dont Understand

    Also, with the price of tires, is 250 laps really necessary?
  8. Turbo01

    Dont Understand

    I agree with Utica. The ROC isn't what it was when I was growing up, going to Pocono. It was the race you waited all summer for. It was a track you only got to race on once a year. The who's who of drivers in only 2 classes (and pulling in over a 100 cars combined). Erie is not a unique...
  9. Turbo01

    2021 Shootout at the Bullring (Wyoming County Int'l Speedway)

    Anyone that has raced there knows the deal, that is why very few still race there. Great little race track with very good racing when officiated fairly. Too bad.
  10. Turbo01

    Spencer Speedway - TONIGHT July 16th

    Stafford has a $5000 to win open mod show Friday too. I would think that would hurt Spencer from drawing NE cars.
  11. Turbo01

    What has happened to racing?My 2 cents worth.

    We actually had planned to come there and race sportsman (both John and Cam Barber). Unfortunately the tire situation hit.
  12. Turbo01

    What has happened to racing?My 2 cents worth.

    Uticamike, that's why car counts are down and stay down at WCIS. It's his playground, if you don't like it leave. Apparently promoting is a lost art in WNY asphalt tracks.
  13. Turbo01

    NASCAR Trucks at Knoxville

    One groove, follow the leader, pushing people out of the way instead of passing racing is awesome, not.
  14. Turbo01

    Chemung modified car counts?

    Not surprising.
  15. Turbo01

    Town that has the best modified drivers

    Bliss, NY Gail Barber John Barber Jim Barber Cam Barber Alan Bookmiller - all with track championships in a modified. Steve Hoxie Sam Hoxie John Bookmiller Jeff Haas - all with wins in a modified Joe Barber Chris Barber - both with starts in a modified and winners in other classes All...
  16. Turbo01

    NBC Sports Gold / Trackpass — Worth It?

    I have it. Like others have said it's not great coverage, but better than having to read about the race the next day. This is also the last year it will be offered.
  17. Turbo01

    Lancaster results??

    Any news from Lancaster last night. Heard 26 sport mods, then nothing.
  18. Turbo01

    Wall Whelen modified race

    Entire field wrecks, Timmy Catalono makes it through. Now leads with 5 to go when they go green.
  19. Turbo01


    Anyone watch the new Bowman Gray reboot? I liked the first episode. Anytime you can watch modifieds on TV, in any capacity, it's a win.
  20. Turbo01

    Mrtlye Beach Whelan modifieds

    Jon Mckennedy wins in Tommy Baldwin's car. Jimmy Blewett 2nd filling in for Ryan Preeces. 3rd Matt Hirschman, 4th Chase Dowling, 5th Justin Bonsignore. Interesting how the LFR cars were all fast early to middle of the race, then the Troyers chased them down and got the top 3 in the end.