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    Dirt Track Digest Forum down?

    I haven't been able to get on the DTD forum since Wednesday evening, is it just my setup or is everyone else having problems?
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    Freedom GRIT in Car (Includes the big crash)

    Go to about the 7 minute mark to see the big crash:
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    Rolling Wheels Sold

    According to RW facebook page, the new ownership has taken over:
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    Woodhull "5th Annual Bull Ring Challenge TBA"

    Has there been an announcement about this? I don't see anything on it and want to know when the crates will be running that weekend. GRIT has it on their schedule for Friday night for the crates.
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    GRIT Crate Sportsman Series

    Does / did this series survive the issues that happened at Thunder Mountain?
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    Woodhull Schedule

    Is Woodhull going to post a schedule or are we supposed to guess at it?