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    2021 Shootout at the Bullring (Wyoming County Int'l Speedway)

    Pettinelli in the 2ny was 4th
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    Adirondack International Speedway - May 9th event - race information

    Any mod guys thinking about going? First I have heard about this event - not sure if we will go.
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    EVERYONE should support this

    Its a start.... A bunch of tracks and PRI got together. You can read more at...
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    The 61 team loses a long time member and friend

    We were saddened yesterday to hear of the passing of Ken Hartung. Kenny helped for many years on our team and was a very special friend of mine. For those who know, I sang a Him for Kenny last night in the pits at Evans Mills - hope you all do the same. I know he laughed............
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    Special thanks to Utica Mike for the help last night! Learning experience for sure at that track! Back in the box unscathed - same as victory! Tony P 2ny Sport Mod
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    Evans Mills

    Want to thank Lee and Peggy Gill, as well as the crew they have, for making the investment in time and money to revive this track. We had a good night of racing Saturday and have told them we will support the track all season. The improvements just keep coming. There is even new asphalt down in...
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    Evans Mills

    Evans mills will be running Modifieds again this season. Lee Gill has purchased the track and has a Modified Teams meeting set for January 19 at the Evans Mills Fire Barn at 1 pm. Looking for some input from the teams.
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    Joe Gosek on upcoming Outlaw 600 Charity race in Boonville

    Joe Gosek
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    Jimmy Phelps, Joe Gosek, Peter Britten, Billy Colton in Outlaw 600 Sleds Feb 10

    See top running D.I.R.T. racer Jimmy Phelps, Oswego Super Modified Legend Joe Gosek, Troyer Race Cars owner Billy Colton along with Australian Super Star Peter Britten race the new Outlaw 600 ice OVAL race machines in a special Celebrity Charity race, to benefit American Cancer Society Cancer...
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    TRC/BnP Machine Outlaw 600's at the Parts Peddler Show in Syracuse this weekend

    We will once again be at the National Parts Peddler Show in Syracuse, NY at the New York State Fairgrounds November 16th thru the 18th. We will have our equipment and parts on display once again to help draw some interest into the class. Stop by and check them out. We are offereing the...
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    Outlaw 600's at Boonville - look who is driving them!!

    We are racing in Boonville, NY on the weekend of Feb 10-12. There is a "Celebrity" Charity event to benefit the Relay For Life and the Scouten Scholarship Fund. Scheduled to race on Sunday are Richie Evans Jr, Stewart Friesen and Jessica Zemken! One or two others that we may recognize will also...
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    Something to do this winter..........

    Yes - this is a "snowmobile"........... A new "ice racer" - this is for you guys that may be bored this winter and are too old, too hurt or just too smart to drive a conventional ice oval racer. Anyone interested??????
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    Hey Jimmy Zac

    Please give me a call... Want to TALK about Saturday. My shop is 315-337-6399 Tony P