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    Brock Moore Motorsports

    Rut Row, anyone seen or heard from Brock Moore Motorsports Media lately ?? Got a buddy that's asking about the "flyin milk-man 60x" race to see if he can work it into his plans / schedule. Please Advise if you know his where-about's or contact info. Thanks in advance for any info that you may...
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    Blacktop MODS

    Andy Jankowiak Racing added a photo to his timeline. Chuck Hossfeld and the Chuck Hossfeld Motorsports Group GETS IT DONE FOR THE 716!! Its his 12th win and 2nd this week at New Smyrna Speedway Woody Pitkat wins the speed weeks Championship. ? at New Smyrna Speedway. Chuck Hossfeld and the...
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    Andy Jankowiak Racing Volusia Modifieds Finale Top 10 - BRETT HEARN, Mario Clair, Justin Haers, Stewart Friesen, Matt Sheppard, Danny Johnson, Mat Williamson, Rick Laubach, Rich Scagliotta, HJ Bunting III Andy Jankowiak Racing added a photo to his timeline. Chuck Hossfeld and the Chuck...
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    The Mods

        SORT     Andy Jankowiak Racing     Unofficial Results presented by Racecar Engineering     28th Annual Richie Evans Memorial 100 - NASCAR Modifieds - Race #8     Ronnie Silk takes the Richie Evans Memorial by just 0.079 seconds     ...See More     Unofficial Results presented by Racecar...
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    Oh NO say it aint so Chuckie !!

    read this on fb; Andy Jankowiak Racing ?#SmyrnaWS Tech Update: Second-place Modified feature finisher Chuck Hossfeld DQ'ed for illegal rear end gear. Pitkat & Seuss clear in tech.    
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    POOF !!

    Wasn't there another thread about the Spencer Street stock race ?? Guess it must have got the old Yellow, Red then the Poof flag !!  ::)  :o  ::)  :o To think I hadn't even posted on it yet !  I was going to say something about a  "Never was" !! Oh well darn anyway........ Even all those...
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    Good News...

    Good news for all Northeast Drag Race Fans ! The NHRA Mellow Yellow Drag Race Series which was called (The NHRA Full Throttle Series in 2012) is expanding and ADDING Epping NH To there race schedule for the 2013 season !! WAY TO GO, should be a win, win for both the Series as well as the local...
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    Knocksville Nationals Tonight

    WOW, King Kinser AND Sammy BOTH miss making the A Main !!!  :o  :o  :o  :o :o They said it was the first time since 1975 that Kinser and Sammy has missed making the A main !!
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    Emergency crew called to DH2

    WOW, At first the call was made to send ALS to DH2 pits for a person who was hit by a car ! Then about 3 - 5 min the second call came in to say the person WAS NOT hit by a car BUT hit with an open fist several times in the face !! Must be someone got a little upset with the race results !! I...
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    Trouble in the Woo Sprint Car Ranks !

    This weeks AARN about the WOO Sprint boys being upset that they are running these midweek shows at NON regular run tracks for a REDUCED pay out !! They say the ONLY ones getting screwed is the drivers / racers !! They are not happy at all. Time will tell should be interesting........ JMO  MR
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    GOOD NEWS, Update on Jake Rought !

    Talked to Jake's mother today. She and some of the family were out trying to clean up from the last few days of rain / flooding ! Jake is doing well. He has been kept drugged for reasons due to how weak his heart was / is. He was whispering to them today. She had been concerned (as she is an...
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    Was just listening to the live feed from Knoxksville Nat. and they just drew for the 50-50 ! The winners (ticket #203711) share is for OVER 17.7+K.... They are waiting for someone to claim it as of yet ! WOW, that's some serious $$$$ ! :o  :o  :o
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    Motel Room in Oswego NY

    One of our gang has changed his plans. Just Cancelled a room at the Day's Inn in Oswego NY for Friday July 22nd & Saturday 23rd. Help yourself if YOU are in need. Thanks, MR 
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    PLEASE Say a Prayer for SH2 owner !!

    Heard today from one of his employees that George (Swansboro) had a VERY BAD accident this past weekend. Seems he was down South doing some scrap metal work and was trying to remove a cylinder or tank from a large piece of equipment. While doing so something about after removing some hydraulic...
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    Boris wins HIS first Nascar Race

    Boris Said wins Nationwide race !! Waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to GO BORIS !!
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    Well ANOTHER weekend, ANOTHER WIN !! Kyle B. #18 WINS another one, Truck Race !! Its his 79th win in NASCAR.... Man that kid can drive !!
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    Crate Motor in WOO 410 sprint car's

    Donny Schatz driver of the #15 Tony Stewert WOO 410 sprint car will be trying a NEW crate motor built by OBAMA-MOTORS (Chevy). Its a NEW Corvette motor that is being tried to help LOWER the cost of running a 410 sprint car. They said it will be MUCH cheaper to purchase one at $18,000 compared to...
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    I know its NOT racing, BUT

    EVEN TIGER WOODS had a bad weekend shooting 18 over !! THEN IF THAT'S NOT BAD ENOUGH SOME DUMB-@ZZ REPOPRTER ASKED HIM IF HE WAS HAVING FUN ?? Can U Imagine ?? That poor b@stard is having one BAD year having to part with ALL that $$$$ for his old lady, and NOW sucking at his own game, I think...
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    Nascar Fines TWO top Stars

    Read on jayski that Two of the top stars (drivers) have been fined by Nascar for DISPARAGING REMARKS.    It said In the off season Nascar warned ALL the drivers that they were going to follow NFL and other top forms of Sports that anyone making comments determental to the sport would be sought...
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    Heard a GOOD ONE !!

    They intervied Carl Edwards a bit ago at Indy during practice. He said he got with Jeff Smith and Jack Roush of ROUSH RACING and told them NOT TO PROTEST the FINE and POINT deduction from NASCAR !! He felt it was JUSTIFIED !! LOL Can you Imagine THAT !!