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    Lake Erie ?

    I wonder who the new clown is making the rules . First no reentry now no tailgating . FYI trying to make people to buy your alcohol and food and no reentry could backfire . You don’t get the greatest crowd to begin with . At the ROC sportman race I heard alot of people saying they wouldn’t be...
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    Ryan Preece coming to Turkey Derby

    Running the Partridge #6 in the tour type mods.
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    What is the best race rhat you have been to this year ?

    1) WMT at NH Santos beats Dowling by a foot. 2) ROC at Jukasa
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    Spencer Speedway ?

    Someone I know was driving by today. They were taking down the big sign on 104. Anyone know whats up ?
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    Was there a race there sat.? As usual no results.
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    ROC Schedule Is Out

    Can be found on Speed 51
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    ROC Schedule is out .

    Can be found on speed 51.
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    Emerling wins Bristol !

    Congrats to Patrick and the whole 07 team. Led every lap.
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    Zane Zeiner

    Is Zane still coming to Lancaster today ?
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    Zane Zeiner

    I see Zane ran a #4 car at. Wall . Who's car ?  Is he racing anywhere next weekend ?
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    Lancaster results. ?

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    Great article on speed 51 on Will Thomas

    From Sidelines To Victory Lane In A Matter Of Days is the story. Check it out.
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    Attn. Alan

    Save me 2 seats please.  Jeff
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    Hey Brett

    Don't forget my xxl t shirt. I will be in the pits after the race if I don't see you before that. (Mahoning)
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    What was the best race you saw in 2015 ?

    I have 2 both at bullrings. The American 100 at Wyoming County and the Turkey Derby at Wall.
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    Congrats to Winston on your sprint cup championship.

    You know a spotter never gets much PR but you are a huge part of this championship.Great job and well deserved. Congrats !
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    American 100 DVDs ?

    I remember reading that they were taping the race. Is there a DVD that I can purchase ?
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    WSMT Bowman Gray race on NBCSN

    Friday 8/7 2:30-3:30. As far as I see, this is the one and only showing. Set your dvr's.
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    Will the ROC point leader be at Spencer Friday ?

    Or will he be at Stafford ? 6th in points on the Whelen Modified Tour.
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    Ryan Preece at SL 2 Sunday ?

    I see he has it on his schedule on Ryan Preece Racing.Com . In the family 41 mod.