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    pick for blackrock 7/22 /11

    imca yahl create silvers streets winslow brp anyone could win a good bunch of drivers
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    blackrock picks for 7/15

    imca is going to be yahle brp is going to be the 3j becouse dale welty isnt driving the 92x create is going to be hollywood chris silvers streetstock anyone one but feton
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    any woodhull results

    just wondering if anyone nows who the big winners were last night
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    rick wilsey

    what is going on with rabid rick wilsey this year havent seen his name at either track much this year
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    hydraulic line out

    i have a 97 ford f 250 that was to have the clutch replaced and the only thing holding me up is the hydraulic line going into the side of the tranny can anyone tell me how to get it out
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    woodhull results

    where are they ned to see them
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    dale welty and steve kent

    hey whats going on this year ? not seeing you on any results pages for the race tracks . need help with anything let me know .
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    what happened to

    what happened to dale welty and the steve kent car saturday that they got a dns
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    dale welty

    how did he fair this weekend
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    rabbid rick

    what are your plans for this year
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    dave yahl

    looking to get a hold of dave yahl if anyone knows how please let me know or if you see it dave it me ted need to talk to you
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    dale welty

    what is dales plan for this year and whats he going to be driving
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    this will make you fall out of your chair

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A man escapes from a prison where he's been locked up for 15 years. He breaks into a house to look for money and guns. Inside, he finds a young couple in bed. He orders the guy out of bed and ties him to a chair...
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    dave yahl

    do you still have your shop or were can we get you to do some work at your house
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    lets try this again deer season

    i know that pa archery season started today and we start in 2 weeks lets know your feelings about the increase of the hunting fees and show what you get when you get it
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    deer season

    it is getting close is everyone ready . and did you know it is legal to hunt with riffle in schuyler county this year . i found it hard to give up 100 dollars for hunting but i did . what your thoughts
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    any photos of friday night at black rock?
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    black rock champs ?

    come on fans tell us your pick as friday is the championship night and im going to say dale welty in the brp car. let hear your pick and dont want to hear the one with the most points
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    who do you all think will be champ

    my geuss is dale welty in the brp class
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    the duke

    will the duke be racing the roc at oswego this year ? if not is jr?