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    CHEMUNG ROC 8-7-21

    What time do the gates open for tomorrows ROC show? Thanks in advance.
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    Chemung Seating Questions - Season Opening Friday April 30 / Saturday May 1st How are they going to control the 20% capacity? First come first served or pre-sale tickets? Id love to attend and am just looking for ticket information. Thanks in...
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    Bad weather blues

    Weather is kinda crappy today. I have a free evening and was hoping to catch some racin tonight but it looks as though mother nature has squashed that notion.. ahh well
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    Any more word on if or when any racing may take place there this year? Just curious, thanks.
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    ROC at Chemung - Opening Day (merged)

    I'm hoping the weather report is true for Sunday's racing at Chemung and good car counts too!!  8)
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    Thunder Mountain

    Will Thunder Mountain start the show early tomorrow night to run both last weeks and this weeks show? Thanks for your help!!  ;)
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    Icebreaker Updates?

    Will anyone be posting any updates from Thompson? Any info passed along is much appreciated, thanks!! ;)
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    Folks are saying cancelled 'til Sunday... so... is Saturday a wash already or did they just postpone tonight's races 'til Sunday?? Is there any racing on Saturday?? Help me out here.. I don't wanna drive up there tomorrow if there ain't no racin.... Thanks folks!!! Bassman!
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    SL2 Schedule?

    A few weeks ago there was the 2013 racing schedule on SL2's website.... it's gone now!!! What happened?? Will there be "racin on the ridge" this year or is it just a glitch in the system??? Tell me we're goin racin on the hill PLEASE!!! ???
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    Best finish I've seen in a long time!

    The last couple of laps at the Glen today was some of the best I've seen in YEARS!!! Those boys sold out for the win and I loved it!! There wasn't any "green white checker".. no nascar caution... nothing... just let it play out!! I didn't even really care who won, my driver was already toast...
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    Were you there the night that....

    Fill in the blank with a favorite memory, crash, funny story or whatever you'd like about the "Old Shangri-La" speedway!! There should be lots of them so let's hear 'em!!!
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    ROC camping

    I never camped at the speedway before... who do I call.. what's it cost... where are we located.. can I have a camp fire. The hotels have cranked their rates and I don't wanna pay that much!! Any info and help would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch!!!
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    How many mods coming to Shangri-la 2 tomorrow?

    I am looking forward to a good night of racing!! I have heard several advertisements on the radio and would hope for the sake of the track that it helps improve the fan count! Lets also hope for a good modified car count as well AND the weather is lookin good!! Can't wait!!!  8)
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    What Gear?

    What gear in the rear end of a hurricane street stock at thunder mountain? We have a powerglide tranny (1.82) and would like to run it in low gear. Thanks for your help!!
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    Last night at Shangri-La 2

    I enjoyed going to the track last night. There were about 15 cars in both the street stock and b-mod divisions. 8 dollar admission was good too.
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    Is there any local racing going on this Sunday? I'd like to take my son and spend the day with him. Thanks!!
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    The weekend weather

    It ain't lookin good for Sunday's ROC race at SL-II. Does anyone know of a tentative rain date? I'd hate to see it get postponed but unfortunately mother nature isn't very happy at this time!!  >:(
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    No longer able to BYOB to Shangri-la 2??!!

    I just read on Shangri-la 2's site that we are no longer allowed to bring our own beer to the track and that coolers will be checked!! First they take away the modifieds and now THIS??!! What's next??!! George, C'mon man!! You're killin us here!!! You just lost me and my family for the 3 or 4...
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    Again.... Kyle Busch

    This kid can wheel a race car like there's no tomorrow, but his interview after the race was NOTHIN but whine A$$!!! Can you believe that he all but blew Dale Jr. off??? Are ya freakin kiddin me??? What about Richmond a few years ago... How soon we forget!!! LMAO... Such a punk! People want to...
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    Tires.... what a shame

      It's a shame the two local racing facilities can't agree to run the same tires. I'm sure both tire suppliers can get the same ones to carry on their trucks. Both suppliers can then make their money and drivers who want to run both tracks coud save some money. There's a novel idea... A racer...