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    2013 Thunder Mountain Schedule

    where is it ?  racing is only a few weeks away
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    2013 ROC Sportsman Schedule ???

    where is is only a few weeks away ?
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    Thunder Mountain Points

    When will the points be posted on the website ???  also what is the point breakdown per finishing position ?        many thanks in advance 8)
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    Pics from 5 mile 4-7-2012

    Did Anyone take pics at five mile last saturday ???
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    Thunder Mountain Picks for Friday April 13th

    Ok everyone whos gonna win this week ??? SP- Gonna Be a White SS- A Green Brother what does everyone think ???
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    Congrats to Flyin Brian White

    Congrats to brian and all of the team on a great win tonight at skyline  !!!!!!!! ;D
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    Is thunder racing tonite ????

    are we still racing, and if we rain out when will we know ????? and also how will we know ????
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    Knoxville TV ????????

    When is speed going to air the tape delay of the knoxville nationals ?????
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    thunder mtn practice

    I was just wondering what is going to happen if it rains or snows on saturday ?????? are we then going to practice on sunday ???? and either way how much is admission going to be ?????