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    Genesee speedway Oct 26th

    Last show of the season money added for all feature winners 800$ to win streets  plus crate lates ,sportsman,minis ,bandits come on out .
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    Stafford speedway

    Craig lutz wins his first whelen. race and nothing said here I got it what a race.
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    Raceway7 Friday October 4

    Lucas oil superlates 12,000$ to win econo mods 700$ to win 25$ adult see you there will have some sort of updates and will go live on Facebook anyone else going?
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    Ransomville live 9/14

    30+ brp modifieds a johnson is here hares king family going to be wild night.
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    Genesee speedway live

    Streets heat 1 Pangrazio hazlett kelly kemp
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    Ransomville live tonight

    Sportsman heat 1. Johnston wagner Tuttle
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    Freedom live tonight 8-16-19

    See you there!!
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    Genesee speedway live

    Streets heat 1  Zimmerman pangrazio
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    Freedom live tonight 8-9-19

    Updates here tonight
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    Weedsport live tonight

    Will have some sort of updates here tonight!!
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    Freedom 7-26 ESS sprints

    Come on out this is going to be a good one going to be alot of sprinters with the Patriots off and osweken not racing Friday night ,along with the 600 midgets,purestocks, and minis.
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    Eriez live tonight

    Rained out Friday at freedom wedding Saturday so were off to eriez for the 4100$ to win Superlatemodels plus all other classes will have some sort of updates tonight.
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    Re: Ransomville live tonight 7-12

    Going tonight to support race chaser Joe S he would go to 100+ races then he fell I'll and is in a folks home in medina him and his family are putting up extra money for the mods tonight see you there and my favorite daughter scorer jenae is working there tonight. And will have updates here.
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    Ransomville live tonight

    Streets heat 1 isreal Guthrie Sawyer 77 126
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    Genesee speedway live 6- 29-19

    Updates here tonight
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    Freedom live tonight 6-28-19

    Updates here tonight
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    Lancaster tonight +Norwalk NHRA

    Changing gears for a couple of weeks super charged bounty hunters tonight at Lancaster next week NHRA at Norwalk will have some sort of updates.
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    Weedsport live tonight

    Big blocks and tony Stewart s allstar sprints
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    Freedom live tonight BEI sportsman race

    Pits are full will have updates.
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    Genesee tour race tonight live

    2000$ to win crate latemodels plus all classes except the sportsman see you there.