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    Any results from Outlaw?
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    OMG ! listening to Burton,Letart and Earnhart jr. is like listening to Alvin and the chipmunks! Sounds like they have their ## uts in a vice ! And could we have any more commercials? Cant wait for NHRA to come on.
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    Fall racing

    Other than Dirt Week whats left here in the northeast?
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    Interstate 90

    heading to Eldora for the 4Crown Nationals,have heard that I-90 from Hamburg to Silver Creek is really in bad shape. Don't want to beat the crap out of the motorhome , if this is true what is the best way around that area.TIA
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    Rolling Wheels Raceway

    Just saw some pictures of RWR,how sad to see the condition of a once great track. Should have been the new home of Super Dirt Week instead of Oswego. Hope it can still be saved.
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    Florida speedweeks

    Making my first trip to speedweeks in Feb. What would my best route from western n.y.?Driving a motorhome and concerned about weather.I have been told going through Beckley W.Va is the shortest but can be rough if weather is bad.Any experienced travlers been this or a better route?TIA
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    legends racing

    do any western ny tracks run legends cars ?
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    600 sprints at Raceway5

    Are the 600 sprints still on the show sept. 28th? haven't seen any updates lately.
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    Ransomville Rainout

    Since the features got rained out last night ,will rainchecks be good next week or is there going to be a make-up show?
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    Shame on you Ransomville for doing victory lane interviews ,which ultimately caused the shortening of the sportsman and cancelling of the mod features.Everybody there knew rain was imminent ,can't believe you couldn't see it coming!Make up feature doesn't mean squat to fans that can't come back...
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    Hot Wings TV

    This program is listed on TW ch.13 why dont i get that channel ,i have TW cable & digital cable in the Man Cave?
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    Limerock Speedway

    Whats up with this track ? no website,no results are they still racing ?