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    Andy J.vsBig Money Matt

    Matt broke again at the Turkey derby around lap 70
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    Spencer and Chemung

    Thank you
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    Spencer and Chemung

    Can you Camp at these tracks
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    Spencer and Chemung

    Ok Thank you we are going to do a double Spencer and then Chemung .
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    Spencer and Chemung

    How far are they from each other .
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    Tire shortages

    New Egypt had a 60 lap race on July 20th they canceled that and I think Mahoning cancelled there Modifies this week because of tires and Wall 100 lapper was run with no pit stops for tires .
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    Great thanks .
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    No tour open Mods run like 6 shows a year they just hade it paved it must be wicked fast Looks like they get a good turn out of cars .Love this track been going since the 80s lots of Memories .
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    Town that has the best modified drivers

    Hammonton NJ Tony Siscone
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    Has anybody been there this year how are the shows running and is the food any good was thinking of going Friday for the tour mods .
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      How was the Late Model  show I know they made lots of changes .
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    Chuck Hossfield

      Is running Mahoning  this weekend i will be making the trip
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      To win at New Hampshire today for the Modified 33 cars $5.000.00  to win the turkey Derby 36 cars go figure huh .
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    Jimmy Blewett

    Was hurt last week at home when unloading his car a cable broke on the hauler door and broke his ankle in 2 places
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    Tonight ROC race

      Anybody able to post results please
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    Evergreen and Mahoing Valley

    I was wondering how come with all the Modified Tours out there they do not support any and have any shows for them .Walls NASCAR race is going to be big like the Turkey Derby just wonder why they do not run the different tours .
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      Anyone going next weekend we are doing a Evergreen /Lincoln speedway doubleheader  staying in our pop up .
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    Mahoning Valley

    Anyone ever camped there we are going up August 11th for a Evergreen /Mahoning doubleheader are taking the pop up overnight have stayed at Evergreen and that is really nice.
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    Turkey Derby

      Hope to see you guys there should be a great show.
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      How was Evergreen Saturday Was at Wall Blewett won a really good race with Zach Alspach and Andrew Krause's Support classes were great full fields of cars .