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    The best of all time Street Stock drivers on asphalt only please

    I see that things on here are dead lately so i thought up this topic to get a little chatter going.
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    Andy J.vsBig Money Matt

    I see that this place has gone silent so here i go again .I find it hard to believe that Matt broke 15 laps into the 250 lap ROC race @ Lake Erie .I am not a Matt fan but i am a fan of Andy J. as i think he gets more done with less.I wish that Andy had to race Matt for that ROC win which would...
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    Where are the 5500 members?

    The stat box at the bottom of the home page says that there are over 5500 members signed up for Race New York yet only about 50 ever say anything about the various topics.Just an observation.
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    Spencer Speedway Question?

    What is the name of the bar on Ridge Road that many Spencer fans gather at?I know it starts with an F.
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    I was thinking the other day about how much racing has changed over the years and a big part of that change is the cars.I remember the excitement as a kid seeing all the different styles and homemade inventions on wheels and now every car looks the same except for the different vinyl wraps with...
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    Just a few items to discuss about racing.

    I attended all 4 shows at Spencer this year and have to give everyone involved a big Thank You.I hate that the Dave London Super stock race is run on the same night as the big Maynard race forcing fans to choose between 2 great races.I see that the 4cylinders ran at Oswego with the Super stocks...
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    How about a Race recap write up for Holland ROC race with results?

    The only mention of this race has been on the ROC web site.Where are the writers?Dave The Dude Buchannan or Steven Petty?
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    What has happened to racing?My 2 cents worth.

    I just wanted to say that as i watch racing die a slow death i just cant hold it in anymore.The racing has died because tracks insist that we need to run 7 classes for a regular show .The cars are all store bought ,no more home built creations.The amount of money spent compared to what the...
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    I stopped by the museum this past Sunday and got goose bumps looking over the Richie Evans and Jerry Cook exhibits that are very well presented.A must see for any die hard modified fan.
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    Evans Mills Raceway Park

    I just wanted to make fans aware of some good racing up north as a good number of mods that race at Spencer have found a new home.The Catalanos,Hawkins,Finnecherio etc
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    RIP SamCarista

    The driver of many supermodified battles has passed away at 90 years old.I remember him wheeling a purple #37 at the BIG O.
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    ROC mods @ Spencer?

    I see that no shows are scheduled for Spencer this year,anyone know why?
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    Indoor racing and Race car show cancelled @New York State Fairgrounds

    I am sure most are aware that no events will be happening but i am hopeful that things get turned around in time for the start of the regular season.
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    602 Crate Beginner Modified Division @ Spencer Speedway

    I have to say thank you to Tommy Catalano for this new endeavor and i hope it turns out to be a success for both him,the racers,fans and the future of Spencer Speedway.
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    New Speedway being built in Waterloo,N.Y.?

    I read in Area Auto Racing News that a new track is being built in Waterloo and will be called Seneca Speedway.I dont know if it will be dirt or asphalt or ant other details such as size of the track.   
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    Attn:Dan looking for Lancaster Programs

    Hi Dan i got your e-mail and will look over the weekend .I have no Area Auto Racing News from 1991-1995 only much earlier editions.I will  look for Lancaster programs which i know at one time i had but may have sold them.I will also have to look at the Gater News as i sold about 150 newspapers 2...
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    Mahoning ROC Race

    Big Money Matt is on a roll but ouch on the car count.
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    Andy Jankowiak and the McGrath 12x?

    I read that Andy lost this ride for some reason and was wondering why.
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    I just want to let people know that if the race gets canceled due to weather related issues it will not be run this year per the ROC website.The schedule change should be interesting as far as  drawing more cars,stay tuned.
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    I took a road trip yesterday and checked out Bethel Speedway in White Lake ,N.Y. or Swan Lake depending on who you ask but it is a cool banked 1/4 mile asphalt track minutes from Bethel Woods which is the site of the original WOODSTOCK music festival.I was surprised that it is only 80 miles from...