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  1. dirttrackrocker

    $10,000 to win Street Stock Race

    Anyone planning on running the $10,000 win SS race at Sharon in June??
  2. dirttrackrocker

    Little valley not racing in 2018

    According to their website.  :(
  3. dirttrackrocker

    Harrisburg Swap meet/ flea market

    Looks as though it is the 2nd weekend of Nov. (10th and 11th) again this year, not the first weekend as it has always been.
  4. dirttrackrocker

    Harrisburg Flea Market

    Saw in AARN that the flea market is scheduled for Nov.12th and NOT the 5th, Is this a misprint or is it really not the first weekend in Nov. as it has always been??
  5. dirttrackrocker

    Fight Night Street Stock rules

    Where do I find them???
  6. dirttrackrocker

    At what point does it cease to be racing and become a circus??
  7. dirttrackrocker

    Hearn Penalized...

    How do you get penalized for not attending a race that didn't happen????
  8. dirttrackrocker

    More Troubles for Stateline

    Renegades of Dirt Canceled Friday At Stateline Speedway! The Renegades of Dirt Modified Tour presented by Arizona Sport Shirts have regrettably had to cancel the events scheduled for Friday July 3rd at the Stateline Speedway in Jamestown, NY. The tour is just one of multiple organizations...
  9. dirttrackrocker

    Here is a big surprise

    Tyler Walker in more trouble...
  10. dirttrackrocker

    No More Merchandise Trailers at NASCAR Races
  11. dirttrackrocker

    R.I.P. "Speedy" Bill Smith
  12. dirttrackrocker

    Violent ESS Crash

    Prayers to Duane Mausteller and Jamie Collard. They were involved in a violent crash during the ESS Show at Selinsgrove last night.
  13. dirttrackrocker

    Create your own NASCAR driver....
  14. dirttrackrocker

    NASCAR and Goodyear

    With tire issues at basically every race this year, do you think Goodyear needs to step up and improve the durability of the tires or should the teams need to be better at tire management?
  15. dirttrackrocker

    RoC at Selinsgrove cancelled

    Extremely wet track conditions forced Selinsgrove Speedway officials to cancel this weekend?s season opening events sanctioned by the Race of Champions Dirt Modified Tour. The announcement was made at 6 p.m. this evening (Tuesday) following exhaustive efforts by the track crew to get the...
  16. dirttrackrocker

    NASCAR..... More Stooopid circus antics...
  17. dirttrackrocker

    2014 Clinton County Schedule released
  18. dirttrackrocker

    Problems surrounding dirt tracks today (article)

    Some very good points here.
  19. dirttrackrocker

    This is why local asphalt racing is dying....

    Wierdest Heat I've Ever Seen...
  20. dirttrackrocker

    Martin Truex to Furniture Row for 2014