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    COVID-19 Shut in relief in-car racing video

    With everyone in isolation and racing season delayed here's a video from a couple years ago to help relieve the boredom. We went into this final race of the season tied for first in the points with Stevie Hartman III #15. No matter where we finished whoever beat the other was going to be...
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    Oswego Speedway Classic Sunday question

    Will there be general admission seats available on the front stretch Sunday? There's still a back stretch grandstand as well?
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    Crate sportsman in-car from Thunder Mnt Sat. crate sportsman in-car from thunder mnt. Decent run from 9th but not what we needed in the point battle.
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    Thunder Mountain 123 in-car Crate Sportsman from last Saturday

    Last weeks Green to checkers run at Thunder Mountain in the one-two-three 602 Crate Sportsman. I was coming on but Hammond was long gone before I got to second and with no cautions my only hope was for him to have trouble.
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    Late Crate feature from Thunder Mountain w/crash  Was fast but crashed early. Lots of passing and close racing with plenty detailed looks at #25 Pat Jordan's left side bodywork!
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    In-car video from Saturday night Thunder Mountain make-up Crate Feature

    We knew passing would be difficult as this was going to be the first race after hot laps. We went a bit wrong with our set-up putting closer to a heat race set up under the car and that hurt us near the end of the race. Got up as far as 6th but the engine was getting toward the hot side and...
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    in-car from Thunder Mountain couple weeks ago

    finally got a free minute.
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    Thunder Mountain a week ago in-car video

    Pretty good run from 8th starting spot
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    In-car video crate sportsman @ Thunder Mountain last Saturday

    We had a great opportunity by redrawing up front but this new chassis has been a bit tighter so we freed the car up to carry more speed. Bad was too loose! Got lucky when we got turned around as the caution was just flying for another incident so they determined the caution was...
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    Hig-Fab in-car video from Thunder Mountain Saturday

    Our In-car footage from the feature at Thunder Mountain last Saturday night. We were a bit too tight and the bumps were upsetting the chassis but a pretty good run with the Hig-Fab chassis which we are still learning.
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    relieve snow-out boredom in-car video

    This is the Turbo Blue Crate Sportsman race from Skyline a couple years ago. One of those races where you shouldn't win but you do. Watch for the big accident between Fink & Smith with two go. I got a piece of it but made my way through with enough car left to hang on!
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    Rain out video slip & slide with crash

    Here's my in-car video action from opening night at Outlaw Speedway last Saturday. We won our heat but missed the set-up for the blacked over track in the feature. I should have been in survival mode early in the feature but I thought maybe I could gain a few positions while everyone was jammed...
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    Crate Sportsman in-car action from Outlaw Hoag Memorial

    Good heat race action from the Outlaw Speedway opener! Me in the one-two-three HigFab Crate Sportsman. Enjoy!
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    in-car video from our first race of the season

    Our first race with the highfab chassis. Didn't have quite enough stagger but it went pretty good!
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    DONNA EDWARDS lover of racing passes

    I just want all the RaceNY community know that Donna Edwards, long time lover of racing in general and especially dirt track racing has passed. she was my companion for nearly twenty years and courageously battled cancer for the past 12 months. Her steadfast support of my racing was a huge...
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    outlaw Speedway winter camera car #123

    Here's another run for the crate sportsman # one-two-three. Came a long ways in this one. Still looking for marketing partners to join us on the car and you will get sponsor blurbs on the cautions on all our in-car video postings on social media. Regularly get anywhere from 75 to 700 hit's on...
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    Another winter bordum breaker...In-car from final point race Woodhull 2017

    We went into this last point race tied in the Championship standing with Stevie Hartman III #15. Whoever beat the other would be crowned track Champion. If you watch closely you will see I barely survived three different incidents, a first turn pile-up, launching over the right front on another...
  20. 1st Victory at Outlaw 2017 after flipping Modified in heat race smaller.jpg

    1st Victory at Outlaw 2017 after flipping Modified in heat race smaller.jpg