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  1. rsk1139

    Jukasa Motor Speedway - bad news

    Stakeholders of Jukasa Motor Speedway have made the difficult decision to close Jukasa Motor Speedway for business, effective immediately. There are no plans to re-open. We are extremely thankful for the fans, competitors, staff and partners for their support of Jukasa Motor Speedway since its...
  2. rsk1139

    Lancaster 4 Cylinders

    Do you guys think the 4 Cylinders should race on the big track at Lancaster Speedway? The smaller Cup Lites used to race on the big track.
  3. rsk1139

    NASCAR TOURING SERIES NASCAR Confirms More Modified Tour Dates

    Does Lancaster get a date this year?
  4. rsk1139

    3 digit car numbers

    Loren Holland Jr & Sr #280 #380
  5. rsk1139

    3 digit car numbers

    Rob Krull #123
  6. rsk1139

    3 digit car numbers

    can you think of 3 digit car numbers? I'll start the list #114 Roger Boas.
  7. rsk1139

    CRSA Winners Whipple & Trombley Go Flag-To-Flag Saturday At LOLR

    What do the CRSA initials stand for?
  8. rsk1139

    NASCAR Trucks at Knoxville

    What did you guys think about the NASCAR Trucks at Knoxville?
  9. rsk1139

    early 1990's Lancaster July 4th holiday weekend

    In early 1990's my son and I went to Lancaster Speedway for racing and fireworks on July 4th weekend. All the races were run except for the Modified feature which was going to be run after the fireworks show. After the fireworks were done they tried to turn on the lights but lights wouldn't go...
  10. rsk1139

    WCIS results 6/26?

    I haven't seen the June 26th results from Wyoming County International Speedway. Nobody has posted the results.
  11. rsk1139

    Wyoming County International Speedway Opening Saturday June 5th

    June 5th heat races are on youtube. It looks like there were 15 sportsman, 16 super stocks, 8 6cyl, and 22 4cyl.
  12. rsk1139

    WCIS Opening Day 6/5/21 Event Details...and Video Results

    June 5th heat races are on youtube. It looks like there were 15 sportsman, 16 super stocks, 8 6 cyl, and 22 4cyl.
  13. rsk1139

    Paul Cambria

    According to Facebook Paul Cambria Buffalo attorney has put a bid in for Lancaster Speedway.
  14. rsk1139

    Lancaster Speedway Memories - funny stories

    When I was about 5 years old I got lost at Lancaster Speedway. Someone found me and took me up to the press box. There were about 5 or 6 men in the press box and they were eating pretzels. They gave me some pretzels to eat. Then the PA announcer said there is a lost boy in the press box and his...
  15. rsk1139

    Syracuse 3 wide

    I remember seeing pictures from the Gater Racing News in the mid 1960s that showed the Syracuse Fair race starting the race 3 wide. Does anyone remember this?
  16. rsk1139

    Eve of Destruction

    It looks like there was a bad crash at Humberstone Speedway Eve Of Destruction show. I wasn't there but the Facebook comments are turned off.
  17. rsk1139

    Furniture Row Racing to cease operations after 2018 season

    Furniture Row Racing to cease operations after 2018 season. holy s***!
  18. rsk1139

    I was just taking a shower

    I was just taking a shower and I shampooed my hair with VO5 hair shampoo. Wasn't there a Late Model from Woodhull that was VO5?
  19. rsk1139

    F1 Halo might have saved a life

    There was a crash in the F1 race this past weekend where one car landed on top of the other car. There are some people that think the Halo saved the driver's life.