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  1. lynchmobb

    stop the bad news already!

    how depressing..... Little Valley & Englishtown not racing. Cutbacks at Spencer, Chemung & Holland. All tracks I have been to in the past. Looks like there will be more travelling in my future!
  2. lynchmobb

    Lancaster cancelled for tonight

    per their website
  3. lynchmobb

    R.I.P. Louie Lynch, a real racer

    Our dad, Louie Lynch, passed away this morning after a brief illness. We wanted to let our friends in the racing community know about his passing. Louie owned/crewed on cars in the very first days of Spencer Speedway. He was also involved with many other Rochester-area teams over the years...
  4. lynchmobb

    Maynard Troyer - 1963 Sarasota-Bradenton Speedway

    I have been cleaning up my race program collection & wanted to share this one. It's a race program from Sarasota-Bradenton Speedway in Florida. Dated August 9, 1963. Maynard Troyer is featured on the cover after winning the 'early model' mid-season championship. He is listed as #69. It also...
  5. lynchmobb

    Oswego ROC Friday 50-50?

    Just curious..... What happened to the 50-50 drawing from Friday night's rain-out? Did not hear any mention of it today.
  6. lynchmobb

    Kingsbridge Armory - Al Keller

    I have a program in my collection from Kingsbridge Armory in Bronx NY from 1950. The 'Americas Speedways' books lists the track as a 1/5 mile indoor concrete oval. The program says it ran stock cars. The points leader at the time was Al Keller from Rochester NY. Anyone know any more information...
  7. lynchmobb

    1990 Oswego photo identification help needed

    who drove the HemiCuda in 1990? This is from the Port City race
  8. lynchmobb

    Need some more help! 1989 Oswego photos.

    88 Mod
  9. lynchmobb

    need some more help with these Oswego 1988 cars

    ken williamson??
  10. lynchmobb

    wildman racing - can anyone identify the driver?

    Oswego 1983 Modified 200
  11. lynchmobb

    Midget photo help - 1991 Oswego

    Russ Stoehr??
  12. lynchmobb

    The 'new' Shamrock vintage modified

    Posting these for Bill......
  13. lynchmobb

    need help identifying some old photos

    1993 Oswego - looks like one of the Hedger team?
  14. lynchmobb

    Former racer Wes Nieman

    I saw this in the Rochester paper. I never met Wes, but I saw him race his sharp #77 Late Model at Spencer many times (early 1970's??) Additional Information Wesley was President of...
  15. lynchmobb

    Now I need some help with 1970 Langhorne photos

    V4 - Leo Cleary?
  16. lynchmobb

    I need some help identifying these Langhorne 1971 cars

    I found another batch of old slides. There are a few people I am not sure of. Any help is appreciated! Ben Stephens?