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    Thompson 500 revisited

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    Thompson 500 - Great Vintage Video!

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    Stan Warner has passed

    Long time race fan Stanley Warner passed yesterday at Lourdes Hospital. We spent many a Saturday evening at the original Shangri La sitting at the top row....His racing days go back to Glen Aubrey....R.I.P. Stan. John Knowlton
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    Six time world champion Lewis Hamilton speaks out
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    NASCAR bans Confederate flag
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    There will be racing this Sunday
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    Favorite comments on RaceNY

    Over time there have been posts I classify as my case I found them to be they are as I recall. IIRC Canadian Fan stated that "us here on RaceNY remind him of the neighbors downstairs, always fighting and arguing." The other one which I laff about every time it...
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    Tire softener

    I'm curious....anyone have firsthand knowledge of an instance where the use of a tire softener led to tire failure?
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    Trump and impeachment

    I believe the House will impeach him but the Senate wont take it any further. 
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    Richard Childress resigns from NRA Excellent decision
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    Dale Jr. survives plane crash
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    Make America great again

    Is America great today?  When was America great?  Why does Trump imply it's not great?  What say ye?
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    Off Topic forum?

    When and why was the off-topic forum removed?  Was it announced prior to or discussed? 
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    Dave Bellis

      Looking to contact Dave...anyone with info. please PM me....thanks in advance
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    Chemung Law enforcement

    A sweet reminder  Kids, wear your helmets! Law enforcement in Chemung County, New York, saw that some of their community's little cyclists weren't protecting their precious melons, so they decided to sweeten the lesson. All summer long, police and sheriff's deputies are ticketing kids who wear...