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    So who watched the race "from" Texas, and what are your thoughts?  I missed the 1st one they has last week, but actually enjoyed the one yesterday.  I like that it wasn't as long as a real race, and also hearing some not as familiar names in the line up.  Good job to Timmy Hill!
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    ROC this weekend

    I hate to mention the r-work, but forecast for Sat. is not sounding great. Is there already an established rain date, if Sat. is a washout?  Next day (Sunday)?
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    Attn: Racing memorabilia / literature fans!

    Please see my ad in Classifieds.
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    Check your PMs, Dave.
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    Check your messages, Dave!
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    Indy Cars at Texas

    All I can say, is WOW!  If you didn't see the last 25 laps of tonight's race, you will wish you did.  It had everything....daring moves, 3 & even 4 wide racing, flared tempers, differing pit strategies.  When the winner leads every lap, but the last one, is on older tires, but still almost holds...
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    Lancaster ROC (Well done!)

    I'm not sure exactly who (Lancaster staff or ROC staff) to give credit to, but my wife and I had a GREAT experience last night at Lancaster. Let me give some specifics: Weather was perfect, and maybe that's the one thing out of their control, BUT....I'm giving them credit for that too...
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    Turkey Derby?

    Did I miss seeing the results?  Didn't see anything in results or discussion. Anyone?
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    Sauter in the truck race

    Who else thinks he should have received multiple beat-downs after that race? I get that it's hard to pass at Martinsville and that the outside lane is virtually nonexistent, but I saw plenty of other people pass cleanly, whereas I don't think he passed anyone all day w/o hitting them! Not cool...
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    JC Tech Coatings?

    I had a #, that's now not good, for Jim Cerone in the Syracuse area. Does anyone know if he's still in the business of ceramic coating headers? If yes, can I get contact info? If no, who else does that in Upstate, NY?
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    Transport request

    I'm looking for a little help from someone that has a trailer or rollback. Racing's done for me this year, but I'd like to spend a relaxing day at the Hilton Applefest on 10/5, enjoying the weather, an apple sausage & a beer, and some good racing discussion. Unfortunately, my "regular"...
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    Ron Hills - Need phone #

    Anybody have a good # to reach Ron? 888-787-7223 shows as the new # on his website, but when I call that #, I get a recording saying it's "Technology for industry". Huh??
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    Father's Day (6/16) Races?

    What tracks, dirt or asphalt, are running and what classes will they have?
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    Danica redux

    Hey where are Ratzso and all the other haters this AM, after her 24th place finish....on the lead lap... yesterday?  I am $1 richer today, as my wife & I bet on which lap she'd hit the wall. Wifey said lap 94, whereas I picked lap 150.  We were both wrong, but I was less wrong (for once!) than...
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    Thank You!

    Some of you may have heard that I had an unfortunate meeting with the 1st turn wall at WCIS on Sunday.  I'm am OK, but do have some cracked ribs. My Joie of Seating seat did it's job though, keeping me in place, but when ribs meet reinforced aluminum at 65-75 mph, something has to give and it's...