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    2018 Schuyler street stock

    12.500 or bo
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    2018 Schuyler street stock

    I have for sale 2018 schuyler chassis street stock comes with hands performance motor falcon trans car has top of the line parts has Ford 9 in with 6.00 gear comes with open trailer have it reg now so have all paperwork have transponder and radio transponder good till next June also have fresh...
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    i have a ford 9" with 6.00 with a powerglide of 1.82, last yr i had to run in high gear and from all the talk ive seen on here thats not good, if i put 4.11s in the rear end will that help so i can run low gear....will be running at thunder mountain and fivemile.
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    leaf spring basic setup

    Can anyone give me the basic setup for a leaf spring car>>>>>  has camaro front clip, was told to put #1300 spring rf and #1000 LF has afco shocks all the way around 1474 RF 1473 LF 1275 LR 1276 RR  i have extra shocks    1475,1473,1295,1277,1275 any help would be greatly appreciated