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    3 digit car numbers

    818-doug howard-woodhull raceway 329 mod
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    at your track witch feature should run first?

    any comments ? , I plan on hitting dundee this year -with a 60 mile drive home ,I hope the modified feature is early . Id like to be home by 11:30ish
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    what happened to woodhulls website-race reports? why isnt it updated? whos gonna run this year or not ?you gots one of the best racing in n.y.s. but are last in keeping fans informed!!!!!!!!!!!
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    woodhull banqet

    any news outta the woodhull banqet(sp?) nothing on there web site and norace reports since sept-I need my woodhull fix!!!
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    any woodhull results

    ? cant find nothing on the website.
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    woodhull results

    any woodhull results yet? I thought they would be rained out, went to tioga downs to play the trotters- won about 200 & -put back 60 in gas to get home (hornell n.y.) ,win some and lose alot ,thanks obamma!
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    woodhull webcast

    what happenened to the the webcast on the woodhull web site?
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    woodhull raceway

    who has the woodhull results from sat? geez its mon night already!
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    any body remember or know?

    does any one knw what is up with todd mc maniss #77 358 mod or, don kio #61 358 mod? i remember after i came home from the marines they were the top wheelmen at the time (88-90?) at woodhull. i was still cheering for dave erskine(25) and chuck kennison (9x). i think mr hills  was racing 4 cyl...
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    woodhull raceway 8/22

    I see on the woodhull website that the streets were unoffishal(sp?) did someone protest the winner? just curious.
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    woodhulls checkered flag program

    I am looking to find out a way to find a woodhull program-is there any way I can buy 1? i cant get to the track-(no ride!) is it on line somewhere? P.S what happened to the radio show hosted by steve kellog(sp?)?
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    woodhull raceway champs

    I had a schedule card from 1983? lynn hough was woodhull s.b.champ wasnt he mr dirt champ too?  Q2- did #25 dave erskin(sp?) or 9x chuck kennison win any s.b features they were my faves along with #35 kieth austin
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    any one going to woodhull aug. 1s/t ?

    railbird  steve is looking for a ride to the woodhull races aug 1. i will pay for your ticket @gas I live in hornell ny -dont have a car aint been to the races since they ran imca class thanks