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    sad news

    Sad news of the passing of a racer Mr. WONDERFUL as he was known Herby Green age 88 same as his car number
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    14 year old lucky to be alive

        14 year old racing in a charger class crashes into end of wall drivers side and survives .....
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    Safety in racing then and now

                                        Way back when racing started what was safety ?    When racing began there was now roll cages- fire suits - helmet's - fire extinguishers the list goes on .  There were no rules telling you what you could or couldn't not do . Tire's were not like they are...
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    this happen at Wall Staduim

            Not to reflect on what happen this weekend but watch this video this happen at Wall back in 2013
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    Another Race Track Raising fron the DEAD

            I know this is RaceNy but seen this and thought it was interesting to mention.    A group of people in WV. have gotten together and are working hard to reopen Pennsboro Speedway. They have a Facebook page also and I do believe there is a web site .  According to a article I read the...
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    Idea's and Plan's

                                          I know that this subject has been touched on time and time again .  But over the course of time of being on here at RaceNy and reading all kind's of Subjects from Complaint's , Idea's to help the local small tracks and way's to make thing's better . You...
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    USAC Ignite Midgets a NO SHOW

                    After showing up at Chemung last night and finding that the USAC Midgets were a NO SHOW .  I have only one question for this ..       Being they were under contract since January to show up for Chemung they are under Breach of Contract for this Event is there any fines for this...
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    where is Kid Quick

                        Where is J.R. Kent these days has he retired already ..    I know ole George doesn't race anymore ...
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    old 1990 Modified tour schedule

    Mar. 11th Miller 500 Classic Martinsville , VA Apr. 1st Icebreaker 90 Thompson , CT Apr. 8th Richmond Int'l Raceway Richmond ,VA Apr. 22nd  Spring Sizzler  Stafford Springs , CT Apr. 28th Raven Boats 150 Martinsville ,  VA May 25th  Stafford Motor Speedway  Stafford Springs , CT May 27th Richie...
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    Sad view of what once was a great track

    ://,-76.2838266,575m/data=!3m1!1e3],-76.2838266,575m/data=!3m1!1e3]://,-76.2838266,575m/data=!3m1!1e3 The link should work now! raceannouncer
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    owning your own NASCAR TEAMS

                Ok let's see what kind of response we get here could get interesting ....        If you owned your own 2 NASCAR Team's and you can go back 40 year's if you like ...  Who would you get as Driver's for your team's ?????        I myself I would have to go with Richie Evans  and  George...
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    This years Champion

                I know the season just started but would like to see the results of this ......
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    old nascar modifides to present

    A Tribute to The Nascar Modifieds
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    car count

    Here at chemung tonight and I'm surprised at the turn out for this street stock race 26 cars for this plus 21 mods and the crowd looks alot better then it has been......
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    looking for a chance to race

                          I know a lot of you will think I'm crazy or out of my mind but I just need to ask... Is there by chance anyone that would consider giving me a chance to run a Legend's Car ????    I have no racing experience nor do i own my own racing helmet or fire suit ... At one time 12...