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    i-88 speedway

    Friday marks the second week of racing at I-88 hopefully weather will get here and get over with b4 racing tomorrow
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    i-88 opener

    I-88 opens this Friday should be a great car turnout
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    i-88 speedway

    just a reminder I-88 opens early this year on the 15th of April weather permitting practices 1st and 8th. get in early this year and get hooked at the fast I-88 speedway.
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    i-88 speedway

    just a reminder I-88 opens up early this year racing on the 15th of april weather permitting practices 1st and 8th. get in early this year and get hooked at the fast I-88 speedway.
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    friday night fever at I-88

    make sure to come on out to I-88 speedway this Friday, it will be the start of another great season cant wait to get it under way myself.
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    make your way to i-88

    only four points nights left don't miss the action. with 15 races in the mods there is twelve different winners. it took twelve weeks before a repeat winner this year. not to mention the action brought from the sportsman, streetsocks, imca's and 4 cyl trucks if you've never seen the trucks you...
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    our racing friend PHIL NEVILLE passed away july 15th sad, sad day for racing community around southern tier R.I.P PHIL
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    make your way to the i-88 speedway

    want to see great racing on a great racing surface, make your way to I-88 speedway Friday nite I was there for practice Monday what a beautiful racetrack those guys put out. shouldn't be too dusty for you I ran 4 practice sessions and ate literally almost no dirt, I barely even have to wash my...
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    spark plugs?

    running vortec heads in a street stock , what is the preferred brand and part#.
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    carb mounted sideways ?

    does anyone know who makes or sells linkage to mount a holley 2 bbl  sideways.
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    congrtas to i-88 and rich green

    congrats goes to the track for another awesome season of racing it was a lot of fun. thanks to all the track crew. congrats to rich and the boytons for a hard fought championship way to come with your A game last nite buddy. and also want to say great job to kurt decker this year. Also thanks to...
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    congrats to chris wood

    some of the coolest news ive heard all year I just wish someone with some money could see the talent in chris wood and let him win some big races these guys got it done on a very limited budget awesome job to the whole crew well deserved. polhamus family
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    congrats to paul harrington

    congrats to paulie and his crew great job last night you guys definitely deserved a win. now if I can only get mine to finish 20 laps I should be there again pretty soon. look forward to racing with everybody next Friday.
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    i-88 speedway wed. nite

    I have long awaited this show all year the track was beautiful Friday nite a little dusty but pretty smooth. LATEMODELS at I-88 wow! been awhile I think, of course there is also that crazy eights race, brett deyo always puts on an awesome show hats off to ya. hopefully a big congrats for I-88s...
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    i-88 speedway

    just like to give my thanks to the track crew at afton this week what an awesome racetrack Friday nite amazing job I guarantee all the drivers are thankful that you fixed the holes it was super smooth Friday and lightning fast a little dusty but this isn't asphalt. also would like to know if...