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    RoC spencer

    I cant get there website to load but heard GA tix is $25, can anyone confirm that?
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    Perry, Oct 11th

    What are the times and prices for Saturday?
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    Spencer Speedway racing Saturdays

    So, I was told that Spencer will be racing a Saturday or 2 in the near future, is this true?  What about there teams that run Saturday's at other tracks for points? 
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    Jr. out

    I heard Jr. is out with a concussion.
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    Lancaster for June 25th

    Looking for time and ticket prices for this Saturday's show for the mods.
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    Ticket prices for September 10th show @ Spencer Speedway

    Looking for ticket prices for the show?
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    ROC prices @ Spencer Speedway

    I though I read somewhere the ROC ticket prices for this Friday the 18th were $25. I could be wrong, I though last year they were $18 and the Whelen tour was $25/35.. Anyone know the kid prices and ages for this Friday's show?
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    Genesee Speedway fans, come to Limerock

    Come check out Limerock Speedway in Caledonia.  Running every Saturday night.  Micro sprints and karts.  Open practice/pole day April 17th (gates open 9am, free grandstands), 1st points night April 24th.  Racing Starts on the 24th @ 6pm and will for the first few weeks till weather warms up. ...
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    Oswego Speedway

    Anyone here that the track was sold and the land was going to be zoned/developed for commercial use (home depot)
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    Mayhem Racing

    Mayhem Motorsports is excited to announce Pizza Logs as our newest sponsor for the 2010 racing season.  We look forward to representing them on a weekly basis at Limerock speedway and other venues throughout the Northeast.  See ya at the races!!!! Mayhem Racing
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    Mayhem Racing's web site is complete

    The newly created web-site for Mayhem Racing is done.  Thank you Ed, if you're looking for a web site, he is your guy,
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    Mayhem Racing's web site is done

    The newly created web-site for mayhem Racing is complete.!!! Jason Weltzer Mayhem Racing
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    Special thanks to chris r. and the James Gang

    Thanks for letting us to come over and bug you today.  Hannah loved and sitting in the car and was way to comfy. Thanks again
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    Is he running, I know he came back but i have not seen any results with him.  I know fuller, decker and coffer have been running the LM's