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    howe XL ACT tour style front - what length lowers and spindles?

    Picked up a bare chassis, looks to be an 06-08 XL strut car in the front, going to run ACT tour rules on a local show. GM style calipers, wide 5 hubs. Anyone know off the top of their head what length lowers to run, and what spindles? THANK YOU for any help!
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    Who makes this trailer?

    No identifying tag on the front, guy's had it for a few years as storage, and is not a great source of info. I'm trying to track down a manufacturer, if there is any. It says redneck Cadillac on the side, and a redneck sticker on the front, but no data tag like on my pace, and to be honest, I...
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    PS pump with integral tank for stock setup?

    I need to replace the pump on a bomber with a stock v belt system. can't run an aftermarket pump on this one, long water pump. Want to run the integral plastic tank pump, but don't know what to pull it off of. For the plastic reservoir Saginaw pump on a steering box car, what can I pull it off...
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    Rubber biscut - Autozone part number?

    Does anyone have a part number I can use to order from autozone or napa for the rubber donut in the troyer torque arm? Thank you!
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    axle/tube length for a s&s/Diabolo chassis and steering shaft Q

    I have a S&S chassis with no rear end, and no idea what to put in it. Does anyone have an idea what axle length or tube length to use on a S&S/Diabolo/Olsen chassis? And the car's 45 min away at my shop, need to order the collapsible steering column, is it the short one or the long one that...
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    Wide troyers - what is different?

    OK, I've never worked on a narrow or wide troyer before. Chassis dynamics, spafco, a couple oddballs, but never touched a Troyer. I did just pickup a bare chassis for a winter project. What exactly is different on these than a standard 96, or newer than 00 troyer? Suspension, body, nerfs?  Can I...
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    S&S Modified chassis

    I picked up a S&S mod chassis in trade for some other stuff. Problem is, it doesn't have any suspension on it. I got the body and nerfs, had all the spare incidentals but don't have a clue on the suspension and have no idea what it uses. Does anyone know what spindle number they use, and what...
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    SGI crankshafts?

    Star Galaxy (even sounds chinese) on fleabay has forged steel cranks that look to me alot like the lower level Competition Products ones, but about $100 cheaper. We have a $1000 claim on the motor, local engine guy of course said it's junk, buy a crower, but he wanted more than the claim is for...
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    96 Sweet rack troyer measurements

    I am helping my cousin put together his car, it's a 96 sweet rack troyer. We have 137 spindles, slotted 8.5 inch joes uppers, and the adjustable Kluth lowers. Problem is, what ball joints they use, the 772 or the 719? And what lengths am I looking for on the strut rods in the front and the rear...
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    radiator hose?

    I am looking for a part number for a radiator elbow, 90 degrees, with 1.5" ID on one side and 1.75 on the other. About six inches each leg, maybe a little longer. Does anyone have a part number handy so I can speed the parts america trip please? Thank you!
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    Moog MP1002 ball joint taper - same as pinto?

    Looking to replace all the old nasty joints on a freinds car, 96 troyer style with sweet rack. Are the Moog MP1002's a direct replacment for the screw in style the car came with?
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    how to tell year of troyer asphalt mod chassis?

    OK< here's something i have not been able to tell too good. Other than the wide car narrow car thing. how can you tell, on a bare chassis, what year a troyer was made? I've seen some with an X in the foot box area, some with a bent left main cage bar and the rest are a sharp angle where they...