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    The best of all time Street Stock drivers on asphalt only please

    Back in the day.....Lazy 8 Ross Holmes and 89 Steve Scheidler(sp)
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    3 digit car numbers

    109 Richie Evans 111 'Screamin' Sammy Reakes 221 Jimmy Winks
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    Spencer Speedway - TONIGHT July 16th

    The ROC has enough tires for all comers....They did the prudent thing and cut a couple races to ensure they had enough for the remaining season. Hoosier has since put the ROC mod tires on the schedule before the ROC at Lake Erie in September. I've been told they have enough tires so there will...
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    What has happened to racing?My 2 cents worth.

    The cost of all new asphalt mod today would be closer to 80k than 40k.....
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    ROC modified schedule

    Using the link LI Maniac provided: 7/30 Spencer 8/7 Chemung 8/14 Holland 9/3 Spencer 9/26 Lake Erie
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    ROC Purse at Lake Erie

    Someone asked about the purse for the ROC: 1. $12,500 2. 5,000 3. 3,500 4. 3,250 5. 3,000 6. 2,500 7. 2,000 8. 1,500 9. 1,250 10. 1,100 11. 1,075 12. 1,050 13. 1,025 14-26 1,000 Pretty stout if you ask me.....kt
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    MTC 60 Lap money and special awards payout...

    Hats off to the friends and fans of Maynard Troyer and supporters of the modifieds and the ROC. Because of them, we were able to raise over $10,000 in cash, product certificates, and beer in just 3 weeks. In addition, Troyer Manufacturing and Rob Fuller gave away a brand new TA3 Troyer chassis...
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    Chuck Hossfeld Swan Song

    Chuck recently announced that he was ending his spectacular career at the end of the season. Come on out to Spencer Speedway this Friday night for Chuck's final appearance at the track... #22
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    MAYNARD TROYER CLASSIC 8/30/19...Lap Program

    The first board of sponsors has been sold out and we have started a second board, most laps are available. All laps sell for a minimum of $50 and 100% of the money goes to the racers that support this event. The response has been overwhelming. Thank you to the racing community... 1. Uncle Sam...
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    Maynard Troyer Classic

    This is what we have so far: $50 Last Place Car....Theresa Aumann Meyn $100 18th place finisher...GTR Promotions $100 19th place finisher...GTR Promotions $200 Team with the longest tow...KT $100 Heat race #1 winner...Graff Trucking Inc. $100 Heat race #2 winner...Graff Trucking Inc. $100...
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    SPENCER SPEEDWAY...ROC 100...Friday night

    ...Action on the ROC trail has been hot and heavy this year. Not expecting anything different this week. Hard to pick out a clear favorite. It's a 100 lapper with a tire change if you choose. Come on out and see the Mighty Mods duke it out......Super Stocks and 4 cylinders also on the card.
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    Newest Images

    "sorry, you are not allowed to see this file"..... Is there a fix to this?....
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    Perfect weather for a night of racing....Look for a FULL FIELD of Sport Modifieds along with a $1000 to win Super Stock race. 4 bangers and 6 cylinders also on the card. BYOB and enjoy the Food Truck Rodeo in the Midway......Come on out and support the great job that Jeff DeMink and the ROC...
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    ROC Modifieds at Lancaster

    It is this Thursday, the first oval track race of the year for the Ol' Boy Cup, a tribute to Bill Colton Sr., a long time sponsor and the first guy to bring soft walls to the area. 60 laps of all out modified racing, no riding around saving tires. Come on out and support the new owners and let...
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    My take aways from the Don Pratt Memorial 62: 1. It is amazing what you can accomplish with some effort and networking. The efforts of DeMink family and the ROC family have been ongoing for months. They were rewarded with a fantastic crowd who saw some great racing... 2. Six months ago, it...